Captain Riker (Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson
of William T. Riker) of our universe, makes contact with
the Mirror Universe. Sends destress signal to Starfleet
H.Q, warning of an imcoming attack.
With Starfleet warned of a huge incoming fleet, they
prepare for battle. A man deal with the death of a
loved one, and a new Federation politcal figure
With the first battle of the war started, Admiral Riker
and Deker are surprised how easily they are winning.
Things may not always be as they seem...
A new ship is called into the fray. The new ship and crew
get to know each while preparing for the upcoming
battle. As the ship races towards the battle, Admiral
Deker tries to hold off the oncoming fleet, while
dealing with a personal crisis with Riker.
As the battle rages on, the remnants off the orignal
fleet race towards Vulcan. Admiral Deker and
Admiral Riker push the fleet to the limit.
Someone starts giving valuable information to the
Mirror Universe from the U.S.S. Majestic. Admiral
Hanson comes onboard to find the traitor.
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The Spy lurks somewhere on the ship, and he knows more
then he should. Meanwhile, Starfleet prepares to take the
offensive in the war.
The Spy is confronted while the fleet prepares to
crossover to the Mirror Universe with only one
goal in mind... To attack Earth itself.
Starfleet attacks the Mirror Universe, with
disarterous results, and one of the senior staff
may not survive it.

With one of the senior staff in critical condition, the
members of the Majestic must standby and wait. Meanwhile,
Blake Terval starts a mission that may end his life, and he
doesn't even know what the mission is about.
Leaving a fellow crew member behind in critical condition
is never easy, but the crew of the Majestic must leave. As
the war starts to get worse and worse for Starfleet, James
starts to question himself.
When a lonely building stands on the ruins of a dead world, what
secrets can it hold? As the crew of the Majestic learns more, one
crew member may not survive the events that follow.
Star Trek: Mirror Wars
By James Earl