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Star Trek Mirror Wars is a Star Trek fan ficiton short-episode series. Each episode is small and is about
five pages long. If you are new to this site or series, please visit the about page to learn more about Star
Trek: Mirror Wars

Also, please feel free to send me any feedback or ideas at

James Earl
Episode 205 Release
I apoligize that it has been so long since my last post, but I am going to have
the next episode of Star Trek: Mirror Wars up within the next three weeks,
so be ready for that. Also, the rest of the season after that episodes is not
going to be released until September due to other engagements I have over
the summer. I apoligize but I hope you guys will like the next episode.

I quickly made a trailer for Star Trek: Mirror Wars and put it on YouTube.
Look below to see the video.

I Need Feedback
I love writing Mirror Wars, and hope you love reading it. Although I love to
write it, I cant get better without feedback. I would like to know what people
think of my work. I know it is far from perfect, and want people's opinion. So
please email me at please with you feedback. Just
put the subject as the name of the episode which you are giving feedback
for, or just put Everything if you are giving feedback on the overall view of
the show.

Star Trek: Mirror Wars
By James Earl
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James Earl
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