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Star Trek: Mirror Wars
By James Earl
As the captain faces his ultimate fate, the crew bands to stop Gregory's plan.
Just as James takes command of the new USS Enterprise and heads back to
the fleet, he and crew come across a surprising man, with an even more
surprising hobby. But as the man's true intentions come to light, a hero will
return from the dead.
As a father reunites with the son he thought was dead, James tries to
deal with the fact that someone from the future is changing his fate. But
when James recieves a message for an impossible source, he begins to
question those around him, for one may be an imposter.
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When James and Deker are called to Starbase 223 for a meeting with Admiral
Klug and Federation President Zut, but the meetings are cut short when the mirror
universe assaults the base. Meanwhile, the impostor from the future receives his
next orders.
As the mission to save Zut begins, the past and identity of one of most sinister
figures of the Mirror Universe starts to be revealed.