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Star Trek Mirror Wars
Episode 101
"The Mirror Shattered Part 1"
Written by: James Earl

Prolouge Earth Date: September 10, 2602 0800 hours

The NCC-1829 U.S.S. Enterprise-O was dead. One of its two warp nacelles was torn almost off and was only staying connected
by a handful of wire and what remained of the hull. Life Support had failed on all decks except for the bridge. Bodies were
floating in space. Seconds before the people who once inhabited those bodies breathed their last breath, they thought of
home, their wives, their children, their family. None of which they would see again.

Captain Aaron J. Riker looked around at his crew. Or what was left of it. According to the still working onboard sensors, every
member of the crew, except the crew on the bridge, was dead.

"Report Mr.Quint"

Obeska Quint stood up from the ground where he had fallen. A jagged piece of metal was sticking out of his left arm.

Fortunately for him, his race, U'tars, could remove all pain that they felt from any part of their body. He looked over his console.

"Weapons and shields are offline. Impulse engines are dead. There is no power left except on the bridge. Life Support is failing
on this deck. No other areas have life support."

"What about communications?"

"Functioning but there is no power left."

"Quint, if we take all the power from the remaining life support, will there be enough power to send a message to the nearest

"Yes sir… but… that would mean…"

"I know… do it."

Quint stared as Riker and then at his console. He knew that he was about to kill himself, Riker, and any of the remain living
crew that were unconscious around him. He hesitated.

And he pressed the button to end those lives.

Only a few thousand miles away, the NCC-1829 I.S.S. Enterprise-O was at full power. Life support was fine on all decks. Shields
were at 45%, and weapons were at full power.

Captain Aaron J. Riker was laughing at how easily he had won.

"Mr. Quint, how many more Illium Torpedoes would it take to completely destroy everything about that ship?"

"Exactly 3 more sir."

"Good. Arm then and fire on my mark. Ensign Render, prepare a communication with the Emperor."


Render, the greatest and fastest communications officer Riker ever saw, prepared the message.

"Hailing now sir."

The screen in front of the bridge changed from the view of the Enterprise to a black room. Nothing could be seen except for
the silhouette of a dark figure.

"What is it Captain Riker. I hope your mission went well."

"Yes all mighty one. We are about to destroy the ship. We did not expect any ships to be in this area but we delt with it. The
fleet may move though.

"Good. Be prepared for the fleet. I.S.S. Striker out."

The screen changed from the frightening dark room to the Enterprise again.

"Quint… Fire."


One the screen, 3 torpedoes streaked though space. But before they hit their target, Render spoke.

"SIR! They are sending a messa…"

On the screen, the image of the torpedoes was replaced was a huge explosion, that in the vacuum of space was soon gone,
along with the Enterprise.

"They…sent a message."

Part 1 Earth Date: June 18, 2601 0900 hours

"You can not possible go though with this plan, great one."

The Emperor of the Terrain Empire looked over at the Andorian who had addressed him.

"Be careful what you say," he said, "It is not something to take lightly, disagreeing with the Emperor.

"But it is a suicidal plan. We already control most of the known universe. And the areas, which we don't control, are being
taken care off. The Empire is all controlling."

"I am glad to hear you say that. But, the Terrain thirst for power can never be quenched. WE WILL CONTROL EVERYTHING!"

"You cannot do this…"

"I warn you. Do not argue with me. "

"I will. People of the Terrain Empire."

The andorian known as Tran'ku stood up and addressed the leaders of each planet in the entire Empire. Needless to say, to
the Emperor's delight, it was a big room.

"The Emperor is throwing away lives needlessly. You cannot allow…"

As the Andorian spoke, the Emperor sat down in his thrown and looked towards his chief guard, a Vulcan named Sanar, and
gave a nod.

Seconds later, a knife came flying of Sanar's hand, and with Vulcan like precision, it struck Tran'ku right in the throat. It took
only 2 seconds for the Andorian to die.

The Emperor stood up and casually walked over to the corpse of Tran'ku.

"To bad. I rather liked him."

He turned towards the remaining room occupants.

"Will there be anyone else who does not like my plan?"

No one said anything.

Part 2 Earth Date: July 14, 2602 1400 hours

"Good Afternoon Admiral William. How are the plans going?"

Admiral Williams stood in the throne room the Emperor. He was the Emperor's direct military consultant. It was his job to
update the Emperor on anything new going on in the fleet.

"All is on schedule. If all goes according to plan, we will be ready to begin the operation within the next few months."
"Good. Admiral… I want you to command the initial attack fleet."

The Admiral was surprised… and honored. For the greatest man in the universe to select you to lead a mission… any
mission… and one this important… was the highest honor he could receive.

"Me? There are higher ranking officers… more qualified…"

"But I don't know them. You I know. You I trust. YOU… I know won't disappoint me. Have a wonderful day Admiral."

And as the Admiral walked out of the room, surprised, curious, fearful, and confused, he wondered, "What have I gotten
myself into?"

Part 3 Earth Date: September 10, 2602 0500 hours

"Captain Riker, you are ready to commence the plan."

Admiral William and Captain Riker stood in the conference room aboard the Enterprise. It was not a question.

"Yes Sir."

"Then please… Tell me what it is."

"The Striker, the Warrior, and the Destroyer will create the rift that will bring us to universe 2B. I will fly the Enterprise though
the rift and appear in the same spot in the other universe."

"And then?"

"I will destroy all enemy ships and stop any attempt to close the rift. After I deal with any resistance, I will signal the fleet to
come though the rift.

"Good. We will begin the operation soon. Do your job well solider. The Emperor himself will be watching your progress."
Riker saluted.


He was proud to do his duty.

Part 4 Earth Date: September 10, 2602 0530 hours

Captain Riker got off the turbolift.

"Coffee sir," said Yeomen Mal'yar, a Regaliu.

"Yes. I will. Thank you."

Riker took the cup of coffee from Mal'yar. He could have gotten the coffee from his command chair replecator but he had
learned long ago at the Enterprise christening party, that Mal'yar made one heck of a good coffee. He took a sip.

"Ahhh. Good coffee today. Today must be special."

"Thank you sir. And it is my birthday…"

"Well then, Happy Birthday."

Riker sat down.

"See you later Captain."

She walked into the matter transporter.

"Deck Sev…"

"Captain, a ship is appearing from… nowhere?"


"Port. Its charging weapons."


But it was too late. Six red beams of light shot out from the I.S.S. Enterprise-O. And the first thing Riker thought was, "I guess
that surprise birthday party will have to wait."

Part 5 Earth Date: September 10, 2602 0610 hours

Admiral William loved his Starbase. As he sat in his command chair in the Operation center, he sipped his coffee and stared
into the view screen. Today was a good day to dream… Or so he thought.

"Admiral, we are receiving a priority one message from the… Enterprise?"

"I thought the Enterprise was a specimen gathering mission on Traygar IV."

"It is. Want me to patch it though."

"Please. On the main screen."

The Admiral's old friend Captain Riker was on the screen.

"We have no power. Most of crew… dead. Using last… of… life support… to send this message… we were attacked by… a
ship identical… to the Enterprise… exactly identical… took us by surprise… not enough time to raise shields… Came out of
nowhere… We…"

Then, to the Admiral's dismay, an explosion appeared on the screen. Captain Riker screamed. Then the screen turned black.
The Admiral sat there for a second… just a second… for admirals cannot hesitate in times of need.

"Ensign Webber. Contact Starfleet HQ at Earth. Tell them we have a problem. Relay this message to them. And request
backup…" He though about it for a moment. "A lot of backup."

To Be Continued…