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Star Trek: Mirror Wars
"Hiding in the Dark"
Episode 204
By James Earl

Part 1 : January 15th, 2603 : ????hours
Captain‘s Personal Log

Admiral Deker and I are heading for Starbase 223 for a meeting with Admiral Klug and Federation President Zut. Due
to their importance, our meeting and their presence on the station is top secret and is on a need to know basis. We
left the fleet several hours ago and are expecting to arrive within a few minutes… Still, even with everything that has
happened, I can’t help but think about that hologram. Was he telling me the truth, or is there more to this then I
know. With the way things have been going, I have to believe the latter.

Captain James Obeksa leaned back in his chair in the back of the shuttle. A few feet away, Admiral Deker worked
on the craft’s main console, preparing it to dock with the station. Although James had just given a captain’s log,
his mind was very from his current situation. As he sat in silence, he thought of the death of Frank Riker, a good
friend and commander, and wondered, not for the first time, if it had anything to do with people from the future
meddling in the present.

Ever since had almost been killed by an agent from the future and warned that more would come from another
agent, the future was all he could think about. Why was he fighting a war to save the galaxy, if in the end, the
future would want to change the results of history anyway.

James shook his head before he headed down that path once again. He know thinking like that would get him
nowhere, expect making him feel horrible. For the moment, it was best to do what he had and wait for the
opportunity to figure out some answers. There was nothing he could do to change the future if he didn’t do
anything in the here and now.

As he stood up to head back up to the front of the ship, Deker finally spoke.

"James. We’re almost at that station."

Part 2 : January 15th, 2603 : ????hours
As Aaron put on his uniform, he looked around his newly assigned quarters aboard USS Augustus. He smiled to
himself, again letting the idea that he was a captain aboard a 27th century ship enter his mind once again. Ever
since he had been a child, he had heard of the glorious battles during this war. It was a pity that it was his mission
to make sure that some of that war never happened.

Suddenly, he heard a beep from a device lying on his desk in the corner of his room. He picked it up and laid it in
the middle of the floor and stepped back. Suddenly, a tall man in a dark suit appeared before him.

"Good morning… Aaron."

"Good morning sir," replied Aaron, bowing his head slightly in respect.

The man smiled. "How has your mission been proceeding."

The imposter Aaron lifted his head. "I have been made captain of on of the fleet’s ships, the USS Augustus. It is
only a matter of time before I will be able to have an opportunity to take Obeska… out of the picture."

"Good. Then plans are proceeding on schedule." The man paused before speaking. "Aaron, we have another
mission for you. After you have killed Obeska, we need you to stay in the fleet, as we have much left to do in this
time before everything comes to an end."

"I understand. There is much at stake and we cannot fail."

"Good. For know, though, complete your mission with Obeska. But make sure that when you kill Obeska, it does
not ruin your cover as Aaron Deker. You know what is at stake. The fate of two galaxies rests in our hands."

Part 3 : January 15th, 2603 : 1700 hours
James looked across the table at the two important Federation officials, while Deker talked. James barely listened
as Deker reported about the attack ten days ago that had killed Frank. To his credit, Deker kept his voice devoid of
emotion as he told Admiral Klug and President Zut about the death of the second-highest ranking Admiral in
Starfleet and his best friend.

As Deker finished, James finally returned to the present. Admiral Klug looked up from the reports that he had
been looking at while Deker had been talking. "Thank you Admiral… I just have one question?"

"Yes sir," Deker said.

"The report here says that the Augustus’ tactical officer report said that the enemy ship should have exploded like
it did, although his was the only one that said that."

Deker nodded his head. "I read that as well. The Augustus was the closest ship to the enemy ship during the
battle, and as such, they got the best scans. But according to Captain Aaron Riker’s report, he had to reroute the
power that the ship was building up to finish powering up the weapon. If he had not, he wouldn’t have been able
to save the fleet."

Zut finally spoke up, and James could feel Deker’s demeanor change. The admiral and the President had a…
history. "This would be a good time to discuss Captain Riker, know that we have brought up the subject."

Zut turned towards James. "You said you rescued him from a man named…," the president looked at a report in
front of him, "Jacob. You say he was… collecting famous people from all over history. As some sort of living
museum for the future."

"Yes sir. That was what he told me at the very least. I learned latter that he had been trying to kill me.
Supposedly…," James hesitated. He had not told anyone about his… meeting with the hologram from the future.
"Supposedly, he was sent from the future to kill me."

Zut looked across the table at James, as if trying to decide if James was actually crazy or he had just misheard.

"You? No offence captain, but its hard enough for me to believe that this man was actually from the future, but
now you say he was sent as some sort of… time traveling assassin."

"That would seem to be the case," James responded.

Zut started to some more, but suddenly beeps came from the combadges of everyone in the room.

"Sorry to disturb your meeting sirs," came the station commander’s voice. "We just detected several enemy ships
coming into the system."

Part 4 : January 15th, 2603 : 1730 hours
The imposter Aaron looked around engineering, trying to give off the air of a captain. He may be the best time
agent for the job, but he had never been in command of starship. It felt good, but he had a job to do.

Seeing Chief Engineer Hume, a tall, dark haired human, in the corner of the room, Aaron headed over to him.

"How are repairs coming," Aaron asked, approaching the engineer.

Hume quickly turned around, noticing the captain. "Hello captain. I didn’t know you were coming down to inspect
the repairs."

"I was getting bored on the bridge," Aaron said, chuckling.

Hume smiled back. "Repairs are going along well. We should be back up at one hundred percent in the next few

"Thank you Hume. If you don’t mind, I would like to look around for a bit. Get used to my new ship."

"Yes sir. Ask me if you need anything," Hume responded. With that, the engineer quickly strode away. Aaron
quickly looked around the room, and saw that no one was looking.

Out of his pocket, he took a small circular device. Hiding it from view, he quickly placed it on the bottom of the
closest console. As soon as his hand left the device, it glowed, and then disappeared, behind its own cloaking
device. And Aaron turned around as if he hadn’t done a thing, heading for the exit.

Part 5 : January 15th, 2603 : 1745 hours
As James, Deker, Zut, and Klug materialized in ops, they quickly looked at the view screen. On it, a fleet of mirror
universe ships hurtled toward the starbase.

"Does anyone know that we are here outside of the people in this room," Klug asked, looking at the station

"Yes sir. Only my command staff knows that you‘re here," he responded.

"Good," Klug said, as he moved towards the tactical station in the middle of the room, looking over the
emergency of the situation. James and Deker moved up behind him, while Klug stepped out the way, knowing he
was of now use in a military encounter.

"Have they tried hailing," Klug asked.

"Not yet sir," responded a officer to the left of the Admiral.

"Send one out."

James watched the screen as the ships continued to close the gap between them and the station. The ops center
started to explode with activity.

"No response to the hail sir."

"Shields up.

"Shields are up sir."

"Admiral, the fleet is exiting warp. They are in weapons range."

"Charge phasers, prepare torpedoes and other defenses."

"Sir, one of the ships is engaging their transporters."

"Don’t worry about they can’t transport thought our…" started Klug, but before he could finish, two blue lights
shimmered in the corner of the room, behind the President.

Klug, Deker, James, and several other officers all pulled out their phasers at the same time, and aimed them at
the two men, now fully materialized. One of the two men quickly fired at one of the officers, knocking the young
officer of his feet. James knew without looking that the shot had killed the young life. James winced at the sound.

The mirror universe men quickly grabbed the nearby president and put the phaser to his head.

"Let me go! Do you know who I am," the president whined as he struggled under his captors grip.

"How did you get in here with out sheilds up?" asked Klug. "Its impossible."

The man holding the president hostage smirked. "I’m sure you’ll figure it out sooner or later."

Suddenly, the other invader quickly pulled something out of his pocket and pressed a button on it. A unbearable
whine issued from the device, and all of the men in the room, save the invaders, fell to the ground. When the
noise finally stopped, three men had disappeared. The President of the United Federation of Planets was gone.

Part 6 : January 15th, 2603 : 1815 hours
Aaron leaned forward as he looked at the face of his second officer, Commander McCreary as she stood in his
ready room.

"Sir, I would like to request a transfer of this ship," she said.

Aaron furrowed his brow at the sudden request. "And why would you want that."

"May I be frank sir."

"Permission granted."

McCreary hesitated a moment before she spoke. "This ship should be mine."

"Excuse me?"

"With all due respect to you sir, I should have gotten command of this ship after our captain died. Although I
greatly respect your record, I feel that I should have gotten the promotion."

"So you ask for a transfer?"

"Yes sir."

"And how would that help your situation?"

McCreary again hesitated.

"If you leave, you will be put on a different ship, and still have the same rank."

"I know sir but…"

"I need you here. I don’t know this crew well enough, and I need someone like you to help me gain their trust. I
may have their respect, but trust is a lot harder to earn."

McCreary started to open her mouth, when Aaron’s combadge bleeped.

"Sir, we are receiving a message from Starbase 223," came the voice of the tactical officer. "They are reporting
that they are under attack."

Part 8 : January 15th, 2603 : 2300 hours
Klug looked at the face of the men assembled before him in his office on Starbase 223. The battle of Starbase 223
had ended only a few hours ago, but the results had already sent ripples through the Federation’s government.
The President had been kidnapped.

James, Aaron, and Deker stared back at Klug, ready for what was to come.

"The Federation… is facing its most desperate hour," Klug started. The three men said nothing. "This is the first
time in the Federation’s history that the President has ever been captured."

Klug sat down behind his desk and looked directly at the assembled men. "The station logs show that the shields
were brought down for exactly two seconds, just enough time for those men to materialize on ops. We have
another spy on this station. And with the few men that knew Zut was on the station, our list of suspects is
incredibly short."

Klug sighed. "Although I never liked that man, he is the most important person in this Federation. I don’t need to
tell you three what’s at stake."