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Star Trek: Mirror Wars
Episode 112
"Betrayer of the Light, Part 1"
By James Earl

Part 1 October 21, 2602 0100 hours
The Emperor sat in his room, waiting. It had been a little while since his friend had
contacted him.

This was to be expected, as the plans that they had set in motion were almost
completed. He would have liked more updates on the progress, but he knew his friend
was busy.

Suddenly, as the Emperor was about to leave, a small beep signaled that a message
was coming in. The Emperor quickly walked over to the terminal, which sat upon a
plain brown desk, with nothing much else on it. No pictures, no personal items, no
memories of any kind. It was as if this man had none at all. As if he were all alone.

The Emperor sat in his seat, looking at the monitor. To be able to contact The
Emperor without alerting the ships crew required a code. The Emperor had only
entrusted five people with that code, and two of them were dead. But The Emperor
had a very good idea who it was.

As he turned the screen on, the face of his friend, X-shaped scar and all, was before

"Are the plans ready to be put into motion?" asked The Emperor candidly.

"Yes sir. I have been working on it for a few months now. We should be ready to begin
very shortly. Within a few days in fact." As he said this, a small crossed his face.

The Emperor knew that victory over the alternate universe was soon at hand.

Part 2 October 22, 2602 0300 hours
Ferby Terícal stood at his console watching the bridge. The USS Majestic had
recently been called back to the fleet, to prepare to set out again. Ferby, a bajoran,
preferred it this way. The ship had been on Earth for a few days, and Ferby really
wasnít a person to relax. He liked being in the action.

Still, it was a few more hours until they reached the fleet, and the Captain hadnít
come to the bridge yet, so Ferby allowed his thoughts to wander slightly.

Suddenly, a beep sounded from his console surprised him. It was a incoming hail. He
quick checked the message. It was to be sent directly to Captain Obeska.

Ferby hit his com badge.

"Ferby to Captain James."

A few seconds later, a tired voice, telling Ferby he had just woken up his captain,

"What is it Ferby?"

"Sorry to wake you sir, but you have a message."

A few moments later, James sat at his com panel. He pressed a sequence of buttons to
allow the message through to his terminal.

On it, the face of Admiral Deker appeared.

"Admiral, its nice to see you again," said James.

"Same here James," said Deker, in a casual tone. But his voice quickly changed.
"James, Iím sorry about your wife. Is she going to pull through?"

James suddenly seemed to be even more tired. "I donít know. She could go any way."

"I really am sorry. Listen, James, I have some good news. A couple days ago, our
scouts started finding evidence that many of the enemy ships have been leaving this
universe. Today, we have confirmed that of the hundreds of ships that were here as
of last month, only seventy-two remain. And even those show signs of preparation to
retreat. It may be the calm before the storm, I know, but James, I think that we may
have won."

Part 3 October 22, 2602 0700 hours
James sat on the bridge. His thoughts were still on Sarah.

A few minutes ago though, he had told his crew of the news he had just gotten from
Admiral Deker. Needless to say, the crew was very happy. After over a month of
non-stop battles, it was over.

James thought it a bit premature. He didnít like this. It didnít sit right with him. They
alternate universe was winning. So why retreat?

Still, the crew needed the moral boost.

Suddenly, another beep sounded from Ferbyís console.

"What is it Ferby," asked James, standing up from his chair.

"Well, sir, I just picked up a strange energy surge from a nearby planet. Iíve never
seen this type of energy before."

James walked over the console to look at the readings.

"What planet is it?"

"Terraia 9 sir," said Ferby. "A industrial planet, but a few hundred years away from
warp technology.

James turned to Henry, his long time friend and helmsmen.

"Redirect to Terraia 9 and send a message to the fleet telling them about the energy

Part 4 October 22, 2602 1400 hours
A few hours later, the Majestic was in orbit of Terraia 9. The planet below looked
beautiful. As James looked at the Earth-like planet, he longed for Sarah, remember
her beauty, and how she was on Earth.

But as the planet turned, a new continent, blocked from view on the other side of the
planet, was shown. And James was shocked and disgusted at the horror.

The green vibrant color that had dominated the other landmasses on the planet, was
now a dark red. Evidence of large scale destruction was all over. Only one thing
could have caused it. Starship weapons fire from space. An entire civilization

"Scans show that the entire inhabitance have been killed. Not one life sign is
visible," stated Ferby, whoís voice betrayed his horror.

A few seconds later, Ferby said, "Sir, one large structure remains on the surface.
No visible damage has been done to it. Its like it wasnít even here before the attack.

A few seconds later, James made his choice. "Ferby, gather a team together to head
down to the planet."

Part 5 October 22, 2602 1430 hours
As Ferby, Henry, and Chief Engineer Berinski dematerialized on the surface of the
planet, they took in the horror. Ruins of a past civilization were all around them.
The remains of once mighty buildings were now just a pile of stone under their feet.

Ferby quickly took out his tricorder, double-checking his earlier readings.

"Yep, no life signs," said Ferby as he put his tricorder in his pocket.

"This is just horrible. Its just disgustingÖ who would do this sort of thing," asked

"I have a good bet its some of the enemy," said Berinski. "Come on, this is giving me the

They all turned around and looked at the large building before them. Standing
nearly twenty stories high, the building appeared very plain and bare. It had no
windows, it was just had a grey metallic color to it. As the trio walked up to the
building, a chill rain down their spines. This building seemed very out of place amidst
the destruction. The scared feeling was not helped by the fact the dusk had just
started, and the planetís sun was starting to go down.

As the three reached the building, the looked for a door. Eventually, and the right
side of the building, they found one.

Entering it, they appeared in a huge room, filled with advanced computers and
terminals.. There was no ceiling except the top of the building high above them.
Catwalks lined with more terminals extended all the way up to the top. Again, the
silence seemed strange and again, all three felt a chill.

Berinski was quick to look at the nearest computer terminal, while the other two
secured the area, checking to make sure the building was empty.

A few minutes later, Berinski called the two over.

"I canít make much sense of this data, but from what I can gatherÖ," Berinski started
to say, but suddenly, a sudden sound made all three stop. Quickly hiding behind a
terminal, the three peaked out from the behind it.

A large wormhole had appeared on an upper level. Suddenly, a man stepped through
the portal, seemingly from nowhere, as the man had not been on the other side of the
wormhole. A few moments later, five more men, carrying many different weapons,
stepped through.

Suddenly, Berinski recognized the first man.

"I know that manÖ it is the infiltrator who tried to take over the ship." whispered a
surprised Berinski.

"We need to get back to the shipÖ Now," said Henry, also quietly.

"I have two portable transporter tags. You two, take them and warn the captain. Iíll
stay here and get some information," said Ferby, while taking two small disks out of
his pocket.

"We wonít leave you behind Ferby. We stick together," said Henry.

"Unfortunately, you donít have a choice," said Ferby as he quickly slapped the disks
on the two of them, and watched as the both dematerialized into thin air, both with
surprised faces.

Part 6 October 22, 2602 1500 hours
The Man stepped off the main catwalk to the nearest computer termainal. Ignoring
his five guards, he quickly scanned the nearby area.

No one was near the exterior of the buildingÖ but, to his surprise, a Stafleet ship
was in orbit around the planet. And that just wouldnít do. He quickly hailed the ship.

A few seconds later, a man in a captainís uniform was on the screen before him.

"Hello captain. My name is Gregory Phergal. It seems that you have found this planet.
It surprises me that Starfleet actually can do something right these days."

Ignoring the insult, James approached the screen. "I am Captain James Obeska of the
USS Majestic. I demand to know what you are doing on this planet and why you
slaughtered an race of innocents," said James, his voice rising. All of his anger that
had built up these past few days starting to come out.

"Unfortunately, I canít really answer either of the questions. But you and I both
knew that didnít we. Also, your presence here days cause problems with my plan. So,
if you will apologize for my bluntness, I will need you to either destroy your ship or
let me do it for you. You have five minutes to comply. But I really think we both know
where this is going to go."

Part 7 October 22, 2602 1520 hours
Needless to say, James didnít give in. After five minutes, when Gregory didnít get an
answer, the building started to fire on the Majestic. Also, two small but powerful
ships took flight from the rooftop of the building and started to attack the Majestic.

Parts of the ship had broken off. Dozens were dead or dying in sickbay. And James
knew what he had to do next. He pressed a button on the com panel, allowing all
decks to hear his voice.

"Crew, this in the captain speaking. You have done well today. It was an honor to
serve with all of your. But the Majestic is going to lose this battle. And while all of
you have fought with honor, we must come to that conclusion. I am going to ram this
ship into that building. But before I do, I have more order. Abandon ship.

Part 8 October 22, 2602 1630 hours
Henry had just come back to the Majestic and just as quick, he was pushed into a
escape pod, and sent hurling towards the planet he had just left. "Ironic", he though
to himself.

He hadnít heard what was going on, but he knew it wasnít good. He also heard from
the three other crewmember that were with him that his good friend James was still
on the ship, and planned to stay there.

As he looked out of the pods window, he looked at the Majestic. He watched its slow
descent into the atmosphere. He watched as it come near to the planet surface. And
he watched as it crashed and exploded, right near where the godforsaken building
lay. And he watched, with great horror, as out of the smoke and ash of the explosion,
the building stood tall, with not one scratch on it. And he knew at that moment that
his friend had just died for nothing.
To be continued in Season 2
Coming July 2007
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