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Star Trek: Mirror Wars
Episode 111
"Boldly Going On"
By James Earl

Part 1 October 20, 2602 1400 hours
James had been sitting in his chair for nearly five hours. He had not eaten, drunk, or even spoke in
that time. He had been staring at Sarah's unmoving form, lying in her bed.

A few nurses came in every hour or so to check Sarah's vitals. The doctors had told James that
Sarah might not survive. It was touch and go right now. Sarah had been in surgery a couple of times
already, but now the doctors were waiting to see how her body would react.

And James just watched.

Part 2 October 20, 2602 1445 hours
Henry Teller looked down at his console. Although he was starring at the many lights and buttons in
front of him, his mind was not. He was thinking about Sarah. He felt hopeless.

He had been a friend of James and Sarah ever since childhood. He wanted to be down on Earth with
James, watching Sarah. He cared for them both. They were both dear friends.

But he was stuck here on the Majestic until his duty shift ended. He would give anything to be down

He turned to look at Ferby Ter'cal who, normally at his Tactical station, sat in the Captain's chair.

"Ferby, how long until my shift ends," Henry asked the Bajoran.

Ferby looked at the display on his armrest, and then looked at Henry. "Another hour."

Henry turned back to his console. "I hate this," he whispered under his breath.

Part 3 October 20, 2602 1515 hours
James splashed the water on his face. He hadn't slept for more then two hours in the past two days.
The water felt refreshing on his face.

He cleaned off his face and walked out of the bathroom. He went back to Sarah's, navigating the
corridors until he found the room labeled 815.

But before he could sit back down in his regular chair, a nurse came into the room.

"Mr. Obeska, Admiral Kilair has been attempting to reach you for a few minutes now," said the female
Andorian nurse, who was dressed in a Starfleet medical uniform.

James sighed.

"Can you route her to this terminal," motioning to the small terminal next to Sarah's bed.

"Absolutely. The signal will be transmitted in a minute sir," said the nurse, who promptly turned and

James moved his chair to the terminal, which was at eye level. A minute later, the face of Admiral
Kilair appeared before him. The women looked the same as she had a few months ago, when she had
ordered the U.S.S. Majestic into the Battle at Vulan, the first battle of this horrific war.

"James. Its good to see you," she said, with a smile.

"Its always good to see you."

"How is Sarah?" asked Kilair.

James looked over at Sarah's medical bed.

"Not well," he said, turning back to Kilair.

"I'm sorry. With luck, she will be fine. James… I have some bad news. Admiral Klug has ordered the
Majestic back to the First Fleet."

"What?" said James, almost jumping out of the chair in anger and surprise. "How can he do that. I
can't leave Sarah. And besides, the First Fleet has lost almost half of the ships in the last Battle."

"That's the reason Klug wants you back. He wants to regroup Starfleet in case there is retaliation
after the attack on Earth."

"Admiral, you can't honestly expect me to leave Sarah beh…" James started to say, before he was

"Listen James. I understand," said Kilair.

"I don't think you do," said James, voice rising to the point just below yelling.

"James, you have your orders. I'm sorry, but there is nothing I can do," and very quickly, the screen
went black.

"YOU CAN'T DO THIS. YOU HEAR ME! YOU CAN'T!" James yelled futilely at the empty screen, knowing
full well that she couldn't hear him anymore.

Part 4 October 20, 2602 1600 hours
James stood on a hill in the cemetery. Flowers in hand, he stood before a single grave, far away
from the rest of the cemetery. A loan grave on the top on the hill, like a guardian of the rest. The
clouds above were gray, threatening to release the rain that held them together.

James was in his Starfleet uniform, looking down at the grave.

"I hope your doing well," said James. "Sorry its been so long since my last visit. I just haven't had the

He stopped for a moment, as if thinking of the right thing to say.

"The fact is… I don't know what to do. I'm afraid that I'm going to lose her. I don't know what I would
do without her… When mom died you… he handled it so well. I know you were hurting inside, but… you…
you knew what to do. I just wished I could know what to do. I miss you."

James stood on the hill for a few more minutes, and then he placed down his flowers and walked

"See you later Dad," said James, as he walked away. A few moments later, rain started to fall, as if
the sky itself was weeping.

Part 5 October 20, 2602 1800 hours
James waited for the turbolift to fully stop, hearing the hum of the lift stop. He stepped forward,
and the door opened. He walked out onto his bridge.

"Captain on the bridge," said Ferby, who stood up to give James his chair.

James walked in front of the chair, but didn't sit. He looked at Henry, who turned to look at James.

"Set a course to regroup with the first fleet," said James.

Henry, looking surprised started to say, "What…"

"Just do it Henry," interrupted James , "I will be in my ready room.

No one said anything as James walked across the bridge and entered his ready room.

A few minutes later, Henry stood up from his console. He had set the ship on autopilot, sending it
straight towards the first fleet rendezvous coordinates. He walked over to the ready room door.

Knowing that James wouldn't let him come in, he didn't bother to press the button to allow James to
let him in. He just walked into the room.

As the door moved out of his way and Henry walked it, he saw James sitting at his desk, looking at
something. Henry realized it was a picture of Sarah, taken a few years ago.

James never looked up as Henry entered.

"I knew you would come," said James, still not looking.

"Well, you know me to well," said Henry with a slight smile. He walked over to a chair. "Listen, I know
what your going through. She is a good friend too. I just want you to know… I'm here for you."

James still didn't look up. "Henry… thanks, but right now, I want to be left alone."

Henry didn't move. He expect this. "James, I not going to let you sit in this room alone, depressed. You
got to…"

"Get out now Henry," said James, slightly harder and louder.

"No," said Henry bluntly.

"I said," James said, standing up, "TO LEAVE ME ALONE." As he yelled the last few words, in his anger,
he knocked everything on his desk, along with Sarah's picture, onto the floor with a sweep of his

Henry immediately stood up. "Listen James… I will be right outside on the bridge if… you need me."

Henry turned and walked out. He wondered what he was going to do to help his friend.

Part 6 October 20, 2602 1900 hours
James sat in the back table in the crew lounge. A few people had come over to say something about
Sarah. Each time though, James had said nothing to them, and eventually, people stopped coming

James, usually social and friendly, wanted nothing to do with anyone at the moment. He took a sip of
his drink.

It wasn't even a real drink, James mused. It was just made to simulate the taste of an alcoholic drink.
It didn't even do that well.

Taking another sip, he started to think about Sarah again.

Part 7 October 20, 2602 2100 hours
The lights were off. The quarters were dark, save for one lamp on by the bed. James sat at the end of
that bed, not moving at all. The only way it was possible to know that James was still alive, was the
soft sound of his breath.

In his hands, he held a picture of Sarah. Taken 7 years ago on their wedding day, she looked just as
beautiful as she always had. In fact, even more beautiful that day, in her wedding dress, smiling as
the camera.

James had left the crew lounge an hour ago, and had come straight to his room. He had been looking
at this picture ever sense. He had not even moved.

Then, suddenly, James dropped the picture. The frame broke as it smashed in the floor beneath it. The
glass shattered and scattered across the floor.

And James looked at the remains of the picture frame, and then he started to cry.