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Star Trek: Mirror Wars
Episode 110
"Her Flags Unfurled"
By James Earl

Authorís Note
Thank you for reading Star Trek: Mirror Wars. I hope you like all my episodes
as much as I love writing them.

This episode contains flashbacks. Please make sure you look at the dates on
the each of the sections, as they change and are not in chronological order.

Just thought I would mention it so you donít get confused. Thanks again for

Part 1 October 17, 2602 1600 hours

Sitting in the dark, James stared at Sarahís face. Looking into her face, James
forgot everything. The war, the universe, even who he was. For if she was truly
gone, he would be nothing.

He had been sitting next to Sarah for what seemed like hours. Sitting in the
darkened sickbay on the Majestic. All of the nurses and doctors had left the
room and were tending to the rest of the wounded. The battle was now theirs.

There had been nothing more that they could have done for Sarah.

As soon as James had heard of that Sarah was hurt, he had come down to
sickbay as fast as possible. Careful to stay out of the way, James watched the
doctors work as hard as possible to save Sarah.

But after two hours of work, they realized that there was nothing more they
could do.

And James was left alone, in the dark, to be with Sarah. All alone.

A tear came down Jamesís cheek.

He was nothing without Sarah. If it hadnít been for Sarah, the Majestic would
not even be here.

James went back threw all of the times that had together.

For Sarah was going to die.

Part 2 Feburary 24, 2599 0300 hours
Lieutenant Commander James Obeska stood at his tactical station onboard the
USS Huron. He looked over at the Science Station at his wife, Lieutenant
Commander Sarah Perlark. She had just come on duty.

James smiled at her, and she, noticing him, smiled back.

Suddenly, a beeping noise started from Jamesís console, signaling a hail.

"Captain," said James to Captain Verok, a vulcan, "We are receiving a hail from
Starfleet Command."

"Put it up," said Verok, sitting very still in his captainís chair, with his only
movement being the blinking of his eyes, as he looked at the holographic

Suddenly, the holographic image of Admiral Klug appeared. He had just become
the head of Starfleet Command the at the start of this year. He was the first
Klingon to ever achieve this rank in Starfleet.

"Captain Verok. It is good to see you again," said Klug, looking at Verok

"It isÖ good to see you," said Verok.

"Starfleet has a problem. It seems that the remnants of the Romulan
government have sent five warbirds, under cloak, to attack Earth. We only
just found out about this a few hours ago, though our contacts on Romulus.
Earthís defense are going up now, but we might not have enough time. Most
Starfleet ships are too far away. We are ordering the Huron to Wolf 359,
along with the USS Kelborn and Wonderful. You are to defend that sector until
Earthís defenses can be put up. The USS Xerxes and USS Enterprise will also be
arriving to aid you, but they are almost half a day away."

"How long until the warbirds reach Wolf 359?," asked Verok.

"Five hours. Be prepared captain, and good luck."

"Vulcans donít believe in luck," said Verok, "but I will accept it all the same.
Huron out.

James closed the channel, and watched as Verok stood up and walked over to

"Go to Wolf 359, at Warp 12. Prepare battle drills until we get there."

Part 3 October 17, 2602 1630 hours
As Blake felt the transporter beam let go of the hold it had on him, he also felt
the hot sand hit is face. Unprepared for the sudden assault, Blake fell
backwards from the force of the wind.

The Man, standing up next to Blake, laughed and reached out his hand to Blake.

Blake felt a sharp rock on the ground beneath him. He grabbed The Manís hand,
and as he stood up, Blake used his other hand to attack the Man.

But it was no use. The Man grabbed Blakeís hand, stopping his attack, and
punched Blake in the gut, letting Blake fall down again, and this time, he didnít
offer to help Blake up.

"Nice try. Admirable actually. But pointless and useless. The transporter on
the ship will only active with my voice. You would have been stuck on in this
desert for the rest of your very short life."

Grumbling, Blake stood up and looked around. They were indeed in a desert,
with nothing around as far as the eye could see.

"Why are we here?"

"Donít worry Blake. You will know soon enough."

And with that, The Man started walking to the right. Blake stood, rooted to the
spot, feeling that he had been here before.

"Coming Blake?"

Blake followed the Man, but only a few minutes later, they stopped at the top
of sand dune.

"Now what?"

"Just a moment Blake. You can be impatient."

Only a few seconds later, a huge door opened up in the ground beneath The
Man. Through the door were stairs, leading into a dark pit.

"Coming?" said that Man as he walked down the stairs.

Blake again followed the Man, feeling the urge to run away with every step. He
was sure he had been her before. He just couldnít put his finger on when.

But that was ridiculous. He had never been in a desertÖ

Finally, at the bottom of the stairs, there was a large metal door.

"I must warn you Blake, for what is behind this door will give you a momentary
shock," said the Man, who was slowly opening the door.

As the Man opened the door, Blake saw what was behind it. Blake stared into
the face of the impossible. He looked at himself.

Part 4 January 24, 2599 0745 hours
Verok stood on the bridge looking at the holographic images of a Romulan
Commander and Captain William Deker. A few minutes before, 5 Romulan
warbirds had uncloaked and had hailed the lead ship, the USS Kelborn, Dekerís
ship. James had never met Deker before, but had heard he was a great captain.

Now, the Huron was monitoring the conversation between the two ship
commanders, via the holographic emitters on the bridge.

"Move your ships out of the way of these warbirds, or pay the price," said the
Romulan, standing with an argressive stance.

"Let me repeat," said Deker, "you have violated Federation space. I demand you
return to Romulan space immediately. If you donít we will be forced to fire."

The Romulan smirked. "We are not scared of three pitiful starships. Fire if you

will," said the Romulan, and his image disappeared.

Seconds later, James received a message from the Kelborn.

"We are being ordered to fire on the warbirds," said James.

"Fire at will," said Verok.
An hour later, the battle still raged on. One of the warbirds had been
destroyed by the Wonderful, while the Huron had sustained damage to the lead
warbird, while the Kelborn held off two weaker warbirds trying to flank the
other Starfleet ships while they focused on the other two stronger ones.

James felt sweat roll down his right check from his wet hair. Small fires, not
bigger then a hand, were dancing around the damaged bridge. Sparks continued
to fly out of nearby consoles, adding the continued heat of the room. James had
unbuttoned his uniform to cool himself off, but it did little in the stifling heat.

Verok was sitting the command chair, giving orders to the crew.

"Fire two torpedoes at the lead warbird, aiming for their weapons, while firing
the port phasers at the other ship."

"Sir, we only have one port phaser still active," said James, looking down at his

Suddenly their was a bright flash as the ship shook from as another barrage
from the warbirds hit their mark on the Huron. There was a pause where James
heard Verok say nothing, and he quickly looked up. A beam from the ceiling had
fallen onto Verok and had impaled him in his chest. Blood pored out of the

James quickly bolted from his station, going to Verok. He tapped the manís

"Obeska to Sickbay, the captainís injured. I am transporting him to."

"Aye sir. Weíll be ready. Were going to have to start using the cargo bay to put
some of the wounded soon."

"Do it."

James watched as Verok disappeared in the blue haze of the transporter.

James took the Captainís chair. He was third in command of the Huron, but the
first officer had been killed shortly after the battle had begun, when a phaser
hit from a warbird had caused him to fly out of his chair and hit his head so
hard on a console, it snapped his neck.

James looked over his shoulder to see another officer take his place as the
tactical console.

He looked over at Sarah, still at her station. She caught his eye, and gave him a
slight small, giving James the reassurance he needed to take command.

Part 5 October 17, 2602 1645 hours
Across the room, chained to the wall, was Blakeís double. His mirror

"Blake, say hello to your double. A smalltime smuggler in our universe. Note
very important," said the Man.

Scars littered the manís face. It looked as if he was dehydrated. Blake wasnít
sure to feel sorry for the man, feel angry at having his double being captured
like this, or to feeling nothing at all for the sorry excuse for a man, someone
not even worthy of the name Blake Terval.

"Why have you brought me here?" asked Blake.

"I have an offer for you. Do it for me, and you will be released back into your
beloved Terra Empire. If not, you will end up like your friend here."

"I will never allow myself to beÖ destroyed like this man."

The Man walked into the room and pressed some buttons on a wall panel on the
right side wall, near the chained up man.

Next to the panel, a small opening appeared in the wall. The Man reached inside
and pulled out a Klingon ceremonial dagger. Slowly, he walked towards
Blakeís double.

Before Blake knew what had happened, the Man stabbed the prisoner in the
stomach, allowing a pool of blood to flow from it.

The Man screamed in agony. Blake couldnít stand to hear it. It was his scream.
It was the scream that he had heard come out of his own mouth dozens of times,
and hearing it from another manÖ was disturbing.

The man feel limp. Blake stared at his own dead body. He wondered if that was
how he would look when he died. Weak, destroyed, with his eyes empty of the
lifetime that was once in them.

"No Blake. You wonít be tortured. You will end up like that. Sit down. Like I said,
I have an offer to make."

Part 6 January 24, 2599 0930 Hours
Twenty minutes after Verok had left the bridge, James was still in command.
They had destroyed two more warbirds, but many lives had already been lost.

"Too many, all for this stupid display from the Romulans," though James, as he
ordered Ensign Zanser, the man who had taken Jamesís station, to fire on
another warbird.

Suddenly, as the phasers from both the Huron and the Wonderful hit the
warbird, an explosion occurred inside of it.

"Back us up. I think it going to blow," said James.

"Sir, I am detecting a warp core breach on the ship," said Sarah, still at her
science station.

Jamesís eyes opened wide in horror. Romulan ships used highly experimental
warp drives, allowing them to travel as fast as Warp 20. If one of them were to
breach, the results would be disastrous.

"Back us away now, full impulse, prepare to go to warp. Hail the Kelborn and
Wonderful about the breach, if they havenít detected it already," said James,
standing up in his fear and apprehension.

"Sir, seven seconds to warp core breach. sixÖ fiveÖ" said Sarah, as she started
the countdown.

"Go to warp now," said James, almost yelling.

"Going to warp 5 now sir," said Zanser at his station.

"The warp core in breaching," said Sarah.

"On Screen," said James.

On the viewscreen, the entire bridge crew watched as the warbird exploded in
a mess of metal, bodies, and fire. The explosion was enormous compared to the
ship it had originated from, engulfing the entire area where the ship had been.
James watched in horror as the final warbird was engulfed in the horrible
depths of the fire as it tried to escape its fate, and, as if seemingly unquenched
by the destruction of a second ship, the wave of fire hit the Wonderful, which
hadnít made it out in time. As James watched, the Wonderful, trying to go to
warp, using only it one remaining warp nacelles, was engulfed by the fire,
destroyed in a matter of seconds, taking with it the souls of over three
hundred men and women.

And there was nothing James could do, but just sit and watch.

Part 7 October 18, 2602 0100 hours
James watched Sarah helplessly as the doctors prepared her body for
transport. He sat in his chair and watched everything go on around him. He
watched it all, and yet he wasnít watching at all. SarahÖ
Sarah had been medically dying for hours now, but there was still a chance. At
Starfleet Medical at Earth, there was a medical new medical procedure that
could help Sarah. She still had a chance. If only a small one.

As he watched everything go on, for that was all he could do.

James went threw it all in his mind. Every memory. For this may be the last time
he would see Sarah when she wasÖ alive.

James stood up and walked over to Sarah.

The doctors worked around him, knowing that this may be his last time to see
his wife.

James looked down at her face, so beautiful, so lovely. He stared at the face
that he had loved for years. He knew that at that moment, that if she died, he
would die as well, inside.

He stepped back, and the doctors prepared Sarah for the transport.

As the blue light of the transporter took the still body of his wife, another
tear rolled down James's check. Suddenly, his mouth opened. "I love you," said
James, as he watched his wife disappear.

In Memory Of
Margaret Stegman