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Star Trek: Mirror Wars
Episode 107
"Alternate Invasion, Part 1"
By James Earl

Part 1 October 15, 2602 ???? hours

A vast expanse of death. That was all the man could see. He was standing on a hill, overlooking
a valley, and all he could see was death. All around him was the destruction of man kind. The
man stared into the valley of death before him. He stared into the face of death itself. And
before the terror could destroy the man, Commander Blake woke up.

His face was bleeding in several places. His entire body hurt. If it wasn't for the invisible
energy bracelets keeping him in his chair, Blake would have fallen to the floor, and would have
hoped to knock himself out with the force of his head hitting the ground, just to stop the pain, if
only for a little while.

"Good morning Mr.Terval."

Blake lifted his head just enough, just a little bit, so the bruises in the back of his next
wouldn't attack him with pain. He had endured torture before, for the good of The Emperor, and
had learned the one of the most important rules was to keep your mind off the pain. To escape
the confines of your body. But here, in this dark room, he had endured more pain that most
people would never even think of being possible to survive. But here he was.

Blake looked into the eyes that had been all he could see most of the time these past few
months. Those cold eyes, the eyes, Blake knew, because he had those exact same eyes, the eyes of
a killer.

Across the man's check was a scar in the shape of an 'X'. His face was gaunt and but deadly.

"How did you sleep?"

Blake spit on the man.

"Well that is no way to great a guest."

Blake knew it was coming, and prepared for it.

The man swung his arm and hit Blake right on the cheek. Blood flew out of Blake's mouth.

"One month and absolutely no information out of you Blake. My leaders were beginning to
think that you are useless to us. In fact, today was going to be the day you died. But I talked them
out of it. How do you like that Blake? You owe me your life now."

The man smiled that evil twisted smile. Blake saw it all the time on this man. He hated it. And
once he got out of here, he would make sure to get rid of that smile once and for all.

"I owe you nothing." Blake spit again at the man.

"Now, now Blake. You should know better."

This time, the hit came out of nowhere. It hit Blake so hard that the chair fell on its side. Blake,
lying on the ground, coughed up blood.

"Yes, I convinced my leaders to let you live. You see, I always get what I want using my… abilities
of the persuasion class. You have become a… project of mine. But now, my leaders have found a
good use for you."

"I will never help you."

"O, but you will Blake. You will. Get up. We have to go someplace… special for you Blake. Say
goodbye to your home that we graciously let you… borrow for the past month. You may never
see it again."

A few minutes later, Blake was gone. Gone from the planet, Gone from the galaxy, Gone from
this universe. But not gone from existence. Merely, gone to another universe.

Part 2 October 15, 2602 1320 hours

"One never shows all his cards Captain. You should know that."

"What do you want," said James Obeska, feeling the anger inside of him boiling. Sarah, standing
next to him, but her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. She knew he never worked well when
he was angry.

"Nothing that you can give me Captain. Just know that this ship will be of great service to the

"What? You can't take this ship!"

"Wrong Captain. Just let me show you…"

James felt a familiar feeling. Even though his back was to the holographic view screen, James
had been on starships long enough to know when a ship went to warp, despite Starfleet
engineers saying that with the dampeners, no change in speed could be felt.

"Captain, we just entered warp," said Ferby Ter'cal, now standing at his console.

"You see Captain. I have all of the power here. Try to stop me, and I will destroy life support in
certain sections. Starting with the most populated sections."

"He is right Captain. None of the command functions on the bridge are working," said Ferby.
James hated this. He was the Captain. He was supposed to be in control.

"What do you want?" he asked.

"Why Captain, all I want you to do is stay where you are."

In the crew lounge, Chief Engineer Helfner Berinski, a hulking Scalarian, stood.
His skin was ash white, like all of his kind, and he very, very tall. He had a deep, but friendly,
voice. His species could hear very well, almost as well as a Vulcan. But right now, all he had to
listen to was the automated message coming in from all over the ship.

"I now have control of your ship. You will stay where you are. All the doors in every section
have been shut. All inter-ship transporters are cut off from power. Portable transporters are
no longer effective. If you wish to live, stay where you are, and the Empire may have mercy.
Anyone who does not obey me will die. I now have control of your ship. You will…"

The message was on a repeating loop. Helfner didn't like the sound of that. He knew this ship
inside and out. There was only three ways that someone could gain control of the ship. One way
was to control the bridge. Helfner doubted that because there were more security systems on
the bridge then anywhere else. Another way was to gain control of Engineering. Helfner
would not suspect anyone on his engineering team. He had known these people for too long. But
there was another way.

Walking though the crowd, he found two of his friends, Yukoy Debber, an engineering officer
on his team, and Feril Salder, a security team member. He lowered his head so that the
holographic video camera, which he knew were all over the room, would not be able to hear or
see him. He had to take every precaution.

"Feril. Yukoy. I have a job to do and you two are just the people that can help me."

Part 3 October 15, 2602 1325 hours

On the U.S.S. Unlimited, Admiral Frank Riker was trying to find out why the Majestic had gone
off at warp, just minutes after a battle.

"Where was it headed, Mr. Kelic?"

Merdal Kelic, the Unlimited's tactical officer said, "I don't know sir."

"What do you mean, you don't know. What direction was it headed?"

"The moment that ship left the fleet, something happened. I don't know what it was. It… it just
stopped all the sensors. All I know about it was that it came from the Majestic."

"Are you telling me that we have nothing, not even visual records?"

"Well sir, we do have visual records. I could try find out their heading by those."

"Well you better do it. Now!"

Part 4 October 15, 2602 1330 hours

Admiral Klug stood before most of the Starfleet Admirals. Although most were off Earth at
the time, most of them where here, at least holograpicly.

Admiral Klug looked around the room.

"For the past month, we have been on the defensive, as time and time again, the Mirror Universe
sends more and more ships into our own. We have been unable to figure out how these ships have
been getting into our universe, without having to be taken apart and reassembled on this side.
Granted, that would only take a few days, with today's technology, but according to Captain
Aaron Riker's information told us that the ships were able to get though the universe without
any trouble.

Therefore, we concluded that they must have a new type of technology that we know nothing
about. But a few days ago, engineers on Earth have found out that in a very distorted area of
space, the ability to cross over from universe to universe is much easier.

If you remember, Captain Riker's ship was destroyed while on a survey mission of an area of
space known as The Torn. This area of space was widely explored, due to it being a very
dangerous area of space. But it is also a very instable area of space, making it very easy to
bring entire ships full of people to our universe.

But you may also wonder why that it was possible for the Mirror Universe to come only to our
own universe. According to theory, there are an infinite number of universes. What connects
our universe to their?

Back in the twenty-third century, Captain James Tiberius Kirk and an away team, in a freak
transporter accident, were transported from the Planet Halcon to the Mirror Universe.
Eventually, he and his team made it back to our universe, but the 'damage' was done.
Because of this accident, our universes were intertwined. Eventually, several more
'crossovers' were made by the crew of Deep Space Nine in the twenty-fourth century, further
connection our two universes. Because of this connection, it is very easy for both universes to

It is this ability we plan to use. We suspect that they think we don't know how to 'crossover.' We
will use this to our advantage. Starfleet's main goal is none other the complete invasion of
Earth. The Mirror Earth."

Klug waited a moment and appreciated the amazed stares of everyone in the room. Then he
began to outline the plan…

Part 5 October 15, 2602 1350 hours

Climbing though a very dark access tube, Helfner, Yukoy, and Feril made sure that they made
no noise. For Helfner, this was very easy, because even though he was very tall, his species was
naturally quiet, due to there light weights.

Below them, almost a mile of a dark empty tunnel lay. Usually, the ships safety systems kept
them from falling to their deaths, but because someone had turned them off, one misstep would
mean death for any of them.

"Almost there," said Helfner, in the lead. "Just above my head is an access panel. I need to see
something. Yukoy, hand me your tools."

Yukoy handed Helfner his tools that he always wore on his belt and were kept there by an
invisible field.

A few moments later, Helfner handed down the tools.

"Just as I thought. Someone has been though here and transferred the bridge controls to a
access station in the Jefferies tubes."

"But I thought you need the Captain's, First Officer's, and Chief Engineer access codes to do
that," said Yukoy.

"I know. And sure as hell didn't tell anyone. Don't worry, we will find out what is going on.
Come on, the access station is just a little way further," said Helfner.

Part 6 October 15, 2602 1400 hours

Back onboard the Unlimited, Kelic jumped up from his station.

"Sir, I found there heading."

"Forward it to the helm and lay in a course, Warp 15." said Riker.

A few moments later, the ship was hurtling though space after the Majestic.

Part 7 October 15, 2602 1405 hours

"Get your weapons out," said Helfner.

Just around the corner of the Jefferies tube was the access station. Helfner heard Feril and
Yukoy reading there weapons.

"On my mark."

Using his fingers he put up three fingers. He mouthed three. Two. On…

"Come out Mr. Helfner," said a voice down the tube. "O come on. I know you are there."

Helfner came around the corner, but not before signaling the other two to stay quiet.
Before him was a small room. It was about as big as a two turbolifts, but it was filled in the
middle by a console, about waist high. Across the room, a man stood in the shadows, hiding his

"How did you know I was there," asked Helfner.

"I have my ways. Just know that you will die here today, Mr. Helfner."

The man leaned forward and showed his face. Across the man's check was a scar in the shape of
an 'X'. He smiled at Helfner and raised his weapon.

To Be Continued…