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Here is a short Interview with the creator of Star Trek Mirror
Wars, James Earl.

Star Trek Mirror Wars Interview

The following is an interview between one of the Star Trek
Newsletter subscribers and the creator of Star Trek Mirror
Wars, James Earl. It does contain some spoilers.

Q: When did you decide you wanted to write?

A: Well, I always loved English class. I loved reading, and even
as a kid (about 5 or 6) I read a lot of books. In fact, when I was (I
believe) 7 or so, my dad came into my room at bedtime to tuck
me in, but instead, he read me a book. It was called The Hobbit
by J.R.R. Tolkien. It took us a few weeks to finish, but to this
day, it remains my favorite book. I have read several time (in
fact, I am reading it for… the 14th or so time right now). I felt that
writing could take you to new worlds. You can literally, do
anything you wanted. You could visit far off lands, or discovery
a conspiracy deep within our own government. You could see
into the future, where peace and love a supreme, or see the
desperation of the past and present. I loved writing and felt that
it was the key to the whole universe, if you let it.

Q: What made you decide to write in the Star Trek Universe?

A: Ever since my father gave me The Star Trek Nemesis Book
on Tape, I loved Star Trek. When I first listened to it, I didn't
have any idea what was going on. But then I watched the
actual series, and I finally understood. Since then, I have seen
(almost) every episode of Star Trek; own over 200 Star Trek
books, and borrowed hundreds more from my local library. I
am now, and forever will be, a trekkie (stupid Star Trek joke
there folks). I loved the imagination of the universe, and though
thousands of books, 5 TV series (personally, I think DS9 is the
best), 1 cartoon, 10 movies, and billions upon billions of star
trek fan fiction series and films, the stories have not dried up.
Think about it. Star Trek stories are like a well that cannot be
emptied, no matter what. The characters are always great. Star
Trek always shows a brighter future. I knew that if I really
wanted to write, I would have to start there.

Q: How does it feel to be doing your own Alternative Universe
in the established Star Trek Universe?

A: Quite good. I am creating an entire universe. I hold the mold,
just as Gene Roddenberry did for the originally series. Though
the basic shape of the universe is there, it still needs to be
perfected, molded carefully. Anything can happen in that
universe. Friends are now foes, worlds that are here, are not
the same there. I am the artist, my stories are my canvas.

Q: What made you decide to do the Mirror Universe?

A: Well, I always liked the mirror universe. The First MU episode
I saw was the first DS9 episode of it (cant think of the episode
name at the moment…). I read all the books and I always felt
that, even though lots of episodes took place there, it was still
an untapped power. Going back to the well metaphor, except
this time, the well had more water in it. I felt that more could be
said here. Plus, I always like the counterpart/ our universe hero,
relationships, especially the Kira/Shakkar.
Q: Also in your stories they are set far in the future, was this
done so you wouldn't be tied to any established "canon"?
Gives you "free rein" over your universe?

A: Actually, the Star Trek: Mirror Wars story started out to take
place only a few years after Star Trek Nemesis. Originally, a
ship from the TOS era would find a sort of unknown space
station, then find many secrets on it. Then, when they start to
leave, it explodes, sending them into the future, a few years
after Nemesis. The battle against the Mirror Universe has
already begun, and the Federation is on the brink of
destruction. Even though the old TOS ship would not survive a
real battle against the Mirror Universe ships, the Federation lets
it join the fleet, and refits it so, even though it won't ever win a
battle, it could survive one. Eventually, the crew finds an
alternate version of them selves and soon they become mortal
enemies. In the end, they learn that they mysterious space
stations were the key to winning the war, they eventually
destroy the mirror crew, activate all the space stations, win the
war, but not before the captain dies to active the last station.
This takes place over 5 or so seasons. It was actually quite
good. I know, that was a long explanation but, I like long
explanations (just see my science quiz from today… Sorry, a
joke just for myself). I guess that that story sort of "fell apart." I
started to write it, but I had to many mistakes, I couldn't explain
some things, so I decided to start over, this time, to avoid any
more problems, I started in the future.

Q: Will you ever write any Enterprise stories?

A: Actually, I might a few times. If you have not heard of it, there
is a Star Trek Enterprise Virtual Seasons Project. They are
really great authors and stories. They have just finished the 5th
season and will start the 6th in October. I expressed my desire
to write for the 6th season when they do it, and they said that I
probably could. Also, I have an idea in the works for an episode
for the next season of Mirror Wars.


Though not an Enterprise episode per say, it will involve at
least one (if not more) Star Trek Enterprise characters. Many
people wonder about the Mirror Hoshi Sato and what
happened to her at the end of the episode. I have an idea that
will bring her to the 27th Century with a few characters that
were thought dead, including one from TNG. I plan for it to be
the second episode for Season 2, but things might change, but
for now, it will stay right there.


Q: Any thoughts you would care to share with others on

A: Practice. I hope to one day be an author that will rival William
Shakespeare himself. The purpose of this series is for practice.
I want to use this series as a learning experience. I want to
learn how to get ideas. If you want to be a writer, write a story.
Come up with an idea and write it down, and don't mind
spelling mistakes and such. Just put it down and don't stop
until its finished. Everyone and everything has a story. A rock
has a story. Maybe the rock that you walk on was once a giant
bolder that slammed into an ancient fort, and won the battle. Or
maybe it was once an asteroid, but burnt up and that is all that
is left. The purpose of a writer is to find and write down the
story of the rock, or anything they want, whether it be true or
just fiction. Write the story down and don't let it be forgotten.

Q: Anything else you would care to share with your readers?

A: I hope you like my series. I hope one day to become a Star
Trek screenplay writer. That is my dream. Don't give up on your
dreams. My greatest hope is that you may be watching a Star
Trek series yet to come and see the credits and see under
Written By, my name. Continue reading my stories and see for
yourself if I may one day be that writer. I may not be a great
writer now, but by the end of this series, I hope that my stories
will be epic and worthy of song ( ahh… another stupid Star
Trek joke). Thank your for reading my series and this interview.
I hope to read email from all of you about what you think of my
stories. I am always open to constructive criticism. I know my
work is not perfect. Tell me what needs fixing, in your opinion,
and I will try to work on it. If you don't, I probably will never be
as good as I could be.

Star Trek: Mirror Wars
By James Earl