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The History of the Mirror Universe

-First Contact with Vulcans is made. Cocrane Kills the Vulcans and steals the ship. (ENT)

-With the Vulcan ship, Humanity creates better Starships. With a large fleet, the attack
Vulcan using maps from the Vulcans ship. Since the Vulcans did not have a strong fleet,
they surrender.

-With Vulcan technology, Humanity conquers other planets. (Andoria and such)

-The Terran Empire is formed with over 30 planets in it

-The Terran Empire now holds over 80 planets
-The Terran Empire flag is placed on the moon (As seen in the Enterprise Mirror Universe
Episode's Main Theme)

-The Terren Empire has already enslaved the Vulcans, Andorians, Orions, Tellarites and
has launched successful attacks against the Klingons and Xindi (as seen in the Enterprise
Mirror Universe Episode's Main Theme) Archer steals the U.S.S. Defiant from the Tholians
(who are more aggressive than their non-Mirror counterparts), but is later apparently killed
by Hoshi Sato, who subsequently declares herself Empress of the Terran Empire.

-Captain Kirk/Alternate Captain Kirk swich Universe and swich back. (TOS) Shortly
thereafter, Spock rose to become leader of the Terran Empire, proposing a series of
reforms designed to make the Empire more secure and less dictatorial in nature. These
included a significant disarmament program. Unfortunately, once these reforms were
complete, the Empire was unable to defend itself against the equally aggressive and
powerful forces surrounding it.

-The Klingon-Cardassian Alliance overran the Empire, conquering Earth and leaving
Terrans and Vulcans enslaved, and freeing several worlds that still remained under Terran
occupation, including Bajor. Bajor soon joined the Alliance, and the command post/ore
processing facility Terok Nor was constructed in orbit.

-Julian Bashir and Kira Nerys become the first people from the primary universe to cross
over to the mirror universe in one hundred and three years. Quark is executed. The
primary Doctor Bashir kills Odo.

-The Terran Rebellion begins. Benjamin Sisko is killed when his freighter is destroyed.
Garak executes Rom. Miles O'Brien becomes leader of the Rebellion.

-The Rebellion takes Terok Nor. A mirror universe version of the Defiant is constructed
from schematics from the primary universe. It helps the rebels to remain in control of
Terok Nor. Intendant Kira Nerys kills Nog and Jennifer Sisko.

-The mirror universe versions of Bareil Antos and Kira Nerys cross over to the primary
universe to steal an orb.

-Jadzia is killed in a skirmish with the Alliance. Garak is killed by an ulcartic virus. Ezri
Tigan joins the Rebellion. The Rebellion captures Regent Worf.

-The Terrans win the rebellion and kill almost every Klingon and Cardassian. O'Brian dies
onboard the U.S.S. Defiant when attacked by a Klingon Ship. Bashir takes control of the
forces. Worf escapes.

-The Terrens, under the control of Bashir, start regain thier former regim.

-A new Terran Empire is created, with a stongier Iron Fist then before. Bashir becomes

-Bashir dies. The New Terran Empire controls most of known space.

-The New Terran Empire Controls most of the known universe.

-The New Terran Empire Controls the known universe. Still desire to expand (The Terran
Empire's version of Manifest Destiny)

-The New Terran Empire remebers our universe. The Emporer decides that they will
destroy our universe. A rebellion starts on Andoria due to this descision. The Emporer
destroys the planet.

-Captain Riker (Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandson of William T. Riker) of our
universe, makes contact with the Mirror Universe. Sends destress signal to Starfleet H.Q,
warning of an imcoming attack. Captain Riker and the crew of the U.S.S. Destruction are
killed with all hands. (Episode 1 of Star Trek Mirror Wars)
-Start of The Mirror Wars

Star Trek: Mirror Wars
By James Earl