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Star Trek Mirror Wars
Episode 106
By James Earl

Part 1 October 15, 2602 0100 hours

Captain's Log

"The war hasn't been going well. We have lost over twenty-five ships in a little over a month. The last major victory we had was a
few weeks after the attack on Vulcan. After that, Starfleet has been losing badly.

After the battle at Vulcan, the U.S.S. Majestic joined the first fleet under the commander of Admirals Riker and Deker. Their
flagship is the U.S.S. Unlimited. I have served with Deker before, during the Romulan Crisis. At both times, during the crisis and
now, I had the impression that he was a great man, that could inspire with the sound of his voice. He knows how to handle himself.
I have never personally met Admiral Riker, but I have heard many things about him.

It's strange that I have not been updating my log ever since the attack on Vulcan, but I haven't had a lot of time to do so. Most of
my time outside of engagements are filled up with preparing the ship for battle. But I wasn't able to sleep tonight, so here I am, on
the bridge, working the night shift.

Sarah is asleep in my room. She doesn't know that I am up here. I still can't believe that I married her. She is the most beautiful
women there ever was. Our seventh anniversary is coming up October thirty-first. I don't know what to do, since the war is going
on. Still, I have to do something. Ahh well... It will come to me.

Right now, the fleet is heading towards the Kartac system, where we are meeting the U.S.S. Bargain. Admiral Hanson is on the
Bargain, and is coming to the fleet for an unknown reason. It seems that his mission is of great importance.
I guess that is all I have to say for now. It good to finally get in a log. Computer, end log."

Part 2 October 15, 2602 0800 hours

Sarah Perlark awoke to find herself alone in her and James's quarters. She was surprised at first, then saw the note on the
bedside table. She quickly read it.

Sarah, I couldn't sleep last night. I am working the night shift tonight. I will see you when you get up. Love, James.
Sarah wasn't worried about James. He always didn't sleep very long. Many times before, James had often not been able to
sleep. Lately, more and more James had gotten up in the night and couldn't go to sleep. Usually, it was just nervousness.
Sarah got out of bed and got into the shower. Most people used instant showers, much quicker and more reliable to get you
clean, but Sarah had always preferred the old fashioned water showers. It felt good to the skin.

A few minutes later, she got out of the shower and dried off. She put on her uniform and went up to the bridge. She saw James
sitting in the captain's chair. She sat down in the chair next to him and leaned over to him, so only he could here.
"Couldn't sleep?" she asked.


"Just make sure you get some tonight ok?"

He looked at her.

"I promise."

"Good. Where are we heading?"

"Well, in a few minutes, we will be picking up Admiral Hanson."

"Hmm. I wonder why he wants to come to the first fleet. He must have his hands tied at Starfleet HQ."

James nodded and turned to see Henry Tellar, his best friend, walk onto the bridge.

"Good morning Henry," said James.

"Same to you. How much longer until we pick up Admiral Hanson," Henry asked as he sat down in the helmsmen chair.
"We should be dropping out of warp right about now."

No sooner had he finished his sentence then the ship dropped out of warp automatically, as it was programmed to do.

"Sir," said con officer Zebar, "we are getting a hail from the Bargain."

"Speak of the devil," said James. "Put him through."

A holographic image of Admiral Hanson appeared in the front of the bridge. He was an older man, in his sixties, with little to no
gray hair on his head. He looked at James.

"Captain. You and I need to talk immediately."

Part 3 October 15, 2602 0830 hours

"What?" said James, almost yelling.

"We have reason to believe that there is a spy on your ship," said Hanson

James, Sarah, and Hanson were all in James's ready room.

"Sir, I can assure you that no one on this ship is a spy."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I am sure."

"Then you may want to look at this report."

Hanson handed James a pad. James read it with utter shock.

"This... This report is accurate?"

"One hundred percent."

"Wait. What does that report say?" asked Sarah.

"Exactly ten days ago, a message was sent from your ship and..."

"But that is impossible. We track all of the messages coming from this ship"

"As I was saying, the message was heavily encrypted and could not be detected by the ship's computer. The only reason we
know about the message is because the U.S.S. Bargain intercepted the message because it was in the same system that the
message was being sent to. It was following the enemy fleet doing reconnaissance work."

"What do you propose to do, sir?" asked James.

"I plan to hold an investigation on your ship."

Part 4 October 15, 2602 1000 hours

"State your name, rank, and duties aboard the Majestic," said Hanson.

"My name is Ensign Kenir Ferlong, helmsmen on the Majestic."

"Where were you on October 10, 2602 at 0100 hours."

"Well, I am off duty at that time, so I must have been asleep in my quarters."

"Are you sure."


"Hypothetically speaking, could you have been in Jefferies tube number 7, rerouting the communications console to send a
encrypted message to the enemy?"

"What? I was in my quarters. I am sure of it. Why..."

"Don't lie to me. I checked the computer records. The computer never recorded you entering your quarters until 0300 hours.
Now... where were you? And don't lie to me."

Ferlong looked nervous. James was sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. He was still shocked that one of his crew could
be a spy.

"I... I...I was in... the holodeck with... Ensign Lindsey. She and I have been secretly dating for a few months now."

"And why did you hide that?"

"Because sir... for one, I just came onto the Majestic two months ago from Starfleet Academy. Lindsey has an admiral for a
father that you are... known to be good friends with. I just didn't you to tell her. I was told long ago that if I was seen near
Lindsey again, he would make sure that my career is Starfleet would be... brief."

"Ha. I bet its all lies. Something like that isn't worth lying over when your freedom is at stake."

"I didn't know that the computer records when you are in your quarters. I thought I could get away wi..."

"Liar. I know you are the one. I can see it in your eyes. You are weak and cowardly. You should be lock..."

"ENOUGH!" yelled James. "This is an investigation, not a trial. He is innocent until proven guilt." James turned toward Ferlong,
"You are dismissed."

As Ferlong left, Hanson turned towards James.

"Captain, you are also dismissed."


"I can't have you hindering my investigation."

"You call that an investigation..."

"You are dismissed... NOW!"

Part 5 October 15, 2602 1030 hours

A few minutes later, James was in the ship lounge, having a drink. Next to him sat Henry Tellar, who was off duty.

"Someone is a spy on the Majestic?" said Henry. "Impossible."

"It is true. We have the proof. But it is so hard to believe."

"I know. I mean, anyone could be a spy couldn't they. All the enemy had to do was capture someone, and then replace him or
her with his or her duplicate from the alternate universe. It is kinda scary."

"I know," said James as he took a sip of his drink, "I can't..."

But at that moment, too security personnel came from behind James.

"Admiral Hanson wants to see you in the investigation room," said one of them to James

"He wants me to rejoin the investigation?"

"No. You are a suspect."

Part 6 October 15, 2602 1200 hours

"Captain, where were you ten days ago at 0100 hours?" asked Admiral Hanson.

"In my quarters," said James.

"Can anyone say that you were?"

"My wife."

"I have already talked to Commander Perlark. She said that night, you couldn't sleep, and left the room."

"Lately I haven't been getting much sleep. Sorry, I didn't that ten days ago I couldn't sleep." James was liking Hanson less and
less every second. Not that he ever really liked the man. "I must have been on the bridge night shift."

"You were on the night shift. But you still had plenty of time to send a message to the enemy, didn't you."

"You left your room at 0045 hours and came on the bridge at 0110 hours. That is plenty of time to send a messa..."

Just at that moment, the entire room shook. A message went though the ship.

"This is first officer Perlark speaking. The fleet is under attack by enemy ships. Repeat, the fleet is under attack by enemy
ships. Battle stations. Admiral Hanson and Captain Obeska, please report to the bridge.

Part 7 October 15, 2602 1300 hours

The bridge was mangled and battered, but it had survived. James gave a sigh of relief.

"Thank god that is over."

He looked over at Ferby Ter'cal, the tactical officer.

"Damage and condition of the fleet?"

"Twenty people dead, twelve hurt, six of which are in critical condition. Weapons are offline, along with impulse engines. Also...


"The explosion that took out our weapons, came from inside the ship. We were sabotaged."


"It looks like the spy had a larger job then to just report on fleet movement," said Admiral Hanson, standing up from the chair
next to James."

"Sir, we are receiving a hail from the U.S.S. Unlimited."

"Put it through."

A holographic image of Admiral Deker appeared on the bridge.

"You all fought well today. We will hold the fleet in this position for one day while we make repairs. Tomorrow at 1200 hours, we
will leave for the Largardia system, where the main enemy fleet was last seen. Individual ship orders are..."

And then all power to the U.S.S. Majestic was severed with an explosion that shook the entire ship.

Part 8 October 15, 2602 1315 hours

Captain James Obeska awoke looking up at the ceiling on the bridge. His head was on fire and he felt his blood on the side of
his head. He stood up, but he moved to fast, and a massive surge of pain went though his body. He tried to remember what had

Then it all came back. Admiral Deker talking, then an explosion, which sent the entire bridge crew to the floor. He guessed it
must have been a few minutes.

"I was wondering when someone was going to wake up," said a voice behind James
He spun around and looked. No one was there.

"I am not here Captain."

Behind James, he heard Sarah get up, also listening to the voice.

"I may not be here, but I am on your ship. I now have complete control of every ship function. Including life support. If you want
to live, you will do what I say. If not, all I have to do is press a button, and all the air on the bridge will instantly be gone, killing
you, and all on the bridge."

"You are the spy aren't you?"

"Very perceptive Captain."

"Who are you?"

"One never shows all his cards Captain. You should know that."

To Be Continued...