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Star Trek: Mirror Wars
Episode 105
"Seeing in the Dark"
By James Earl

Part 1 September 11th, 2602 1230 hours

"The battle will be over soon," thought The Emperor, "and soon, their secret will be mine. Did they actually think that this… this
backwater planet of a world could hide one of their most dangerous secrets? HA! You would have thought they would have had
a much better defense for it."

The Emperor was safely away from the battle. He was in a cloaked Imperial Guard shuttle, though it could hardly be called a
shuttle. This ship could easily take on a Xavier class ship and win. But that is not why he was in this shuttle. While the enemy
was occupied above the planet, no one would be prepared for a ground attack by the Imperial Guard, the most dangerous
soldiers ever trained.

Soon, The Emperor knew, he would have taken the Federation's most powerful tool. The tool that could decide the fate of the
galaxy. He laughed at how easy it was going to be…

Part 2 September 11th, 2602 1235 hours

Admiral Deker knew something was wrong.

"This can't be right. It can't be… we… we are… winning?"

Deker had thought that today would be his last. He had prepared for it. The Mirror Universe invasion fleet had outnumbered
them, 2 to 1. But… Starfleet was… winning. Deker had never believed in religion, but he was ready to praise the powers that be
for this. But still, how could he be winning?

"Sir," said the tactical officer, "the enemy ships… they are… retreating."

"What? Why," said Deker.

"I have the answer to that," said a voice.


"I am on the com channel. I have been monitoring the bridge through my quarter's console."

"How did you…"

"No time. William… I have not been honest. We need to talk. Now."

Part 3 September 11th, 2602 1240 hours

"Torpedoes full spread at that ship!" said James Obeska.

"Aye sir," said Ferby Ter'cal.

A few seconds later, "Direct hit Captain," came from Ferby's lips.

The bridge was showered with sparks as another volley hit the U.S.S. Majestic.

"Shields are at thirty-five percent. Structural integrity is holding."

"Helm, bring us to bear on the lead ship," said James.

"Aye sir."

"Tactical, fire everything we have at the lead ship."


Onscreen, an onslaught of weapons hit the lead ship. Seconds later, it was gone in a fireball that was quickly extinguished in
the vacuum of space.

"Lets just keep this up," thought James.

Part 4 September 11th, 2602 1300 hours

Deker was horrified. How could this be? What Riker had just told him was… amazing, yet disgusting at the same time.

"Are you sure?"

"I was once a part of it Deker," said Riker. "I apologize for hitting you, but you must realize now why…"

"I forgive you… Its just…"

"I know."

Deker thought for a moment. Then remembering his commanding duties, he hit his combadge.

"Deker to bridge. Signal the fleet to head towards Vulcan at Warp 15."

"Warp 15 sir? With the fleet still repairing from the battle, I don't know if the ships can handle…"

"I said Warp 15, now do it."

"Aye sir."

Deker looked at Riker.

"We had better get up to the bridge."

"Glad to hear it," said Riker.

Part 5 September 11th, 2602 1330 hours

It was dark in this particular region of Vulcan's surface.

"All the better," thought Commander Blake. It would make his job sneaking into the Federation's most secret and secure base
even easier. The plan was perfect. The Imperial Guard had never lost a battle since its formation in the twenty-fifth century, and
he was not going to be the first commander to ever break that record.

"We are almost at the surface Commander," said second in command Verher, an andorian.

"Enable cloak. Bring us down outside of the targets scanners."

"Aye sir."

A few minutes later, the ship shock a little as it landed.

"Alright everyone," said Verher to the assault troops, "you know what is at risk here. This could make or break the invasion. I
do not need to remind you that failure is not an option."

"For the honor of the Empire and the Emperor," said the troops, with their arms out in front of them in the customary salute of
the Empire."

The back of the ship opened up to revel Vulcan's desert terrain.

"Well men," said Blake as he grabbed his assault rifle, "lock and load," and he stepped out of the ship, with his men behind him,
following him to, what he hoped would be his greatest glory.

Little did he know how wrong the hope was.

Part 6 September 11th 2602 1345 hours

Time was running out for Vulcan and James Obeska knew it.

"Shields at ten percent."

"How many torpedoes are left?"


"Fire all six at the ship firing at us," said James, as he thought, "We need a miracle."

Part 7 September 11th, 2602 1400 hours

The fleet was nearly there. He could get to Vulcan.

"Just a few more minutes… Hold out just a few more minutes," thought Deker.

"Sir," said the tactical officer, "we can't hold Warp 15 much longer. If we do, the structural integrity won't hold, and we will be

"Hold speed."

"But sir…"

"You heard me. Hold speed."

We will be there soon. Come on…

Part 8 September 11th, 2602 1430 hours

Everything was going wrong, Blake knew it.

"This is impossible. We have never failed."

But this… this was never supposed to happen. It couldn't be possible, and yet it was. He had to give the order.
"Retreat back to the ship. Now."

Verher looked at him.

"We can't. We have never failed. We should die for the Empire."

"What is better, dieing here or living on to fight another day?"

It was a hard choice.

"I am the commanding officer. Retreat… NOW!"

Verher and the others started to retreat from the facility.

"Almost there," though Blake, "almost…"

But it was to late. Energy burst came pouring in from the hallway behind them.

"Verher, lead the other back to the ship. I will stay behind."

"Aye sir."

Blake fired down the hallway at the attackers.

It was over before Blake had barley started. As Blake let off on shot, he was hit in the chest. As everything went black around
him, he thought, "This is death." And then Blake fell to the ground.

But death didn't come for Blake. But what came afterwards would make him pray for death.

Part 9 September 11th, 2602 1435 hours

The Emperor was in a great mood. Watching the battle, he knew he was close to winning. With the Imperial Guard on Vulcan's
surface and the fleet winning the battle in orbit, The Emperor felt he could do anything he wanted to… not to say he couldn't

"How much longer until we win the battle."

"There fleet is almost destroyed… it should be only be a short while longer."


Everything was going exactly as planned. But things do not always go according to plan.

"Sir, the Imperial Guard shuttle is hailing us…"

"Exactly on time."

"Sir… this… this can't be…"

"What is it?"

"Emperor… they… they are reporting… failure."

"WHAT! This cannot be… they have never failed before."

"They are docking on the ship."

"Send Commander Blake up here immediately."

A console then bleeped.

"What is it now?"

"Sir," said the women, fearing for her life, "a fleet of thirty has just warped in. They are destroying our fleet."
"WHAT! Everything was going perfectly. PERFECTLY! How could this be happening?"

Part 10 September 11th, 2602 1440 hours

"Sir, another Starfleet fleet is coming in at warp."

"What? That is great," said Sharh Perlark.

"We are receiving a hail."

"Onscreen," said James Obeska.

A holographic image of Admiral William Deker appeared on the Majestic's bridge.

"This is Admiral William Deker. We are here to help."

James had just gotten his miracle.

Part 11 September 11th, 2602 1500 hours

The fight was over. They had won. A few minutes after Deker's fleet entered Vulcan's orbit, the Mirror Universe fleet knew
they could not withstand two fleets at once. They retreated. No one knew where they were headed, but most, at least for the
moment, didn't care.

"We won," thought James, "Against all odds, they had won.

"Captain," said Ferby, "incoming hail from Admiral Deker to all ships.

Again, in front of James, a holographic version of Deker appeared.

"Fleet, we have won the battle, but this was only the first wave of attack from the enemy. We must be prepared for an all out
war. I have just received an order from Starfleet HQ. We are to head towards Earth for repairs and preparation for battle. We will
leave at 1515 hours. Deker out."

"As the old saying goes," thought James, "We have won the battle, but we have not won the war."

Part 12 September ??, 2602 ???? hours

Blake awoke. He couldn't see. He was sitting… but where? As his eye's adjusted to the light, he looked around. It was a small
room, with nothing in it but the chair he was sitting in. A doorway was off the right side.

Blake tried to stand, but realized that he was tied up. He struggled with the bonds.

"I wouldn't do that… Commander Blake isn't it. Congratulations on your promotion Blake," said a voice behind him.
"Who are you… and how did you know that I was recently promoted?"

"Oh, Commander, we know more then you think. And as for whom I am… I am worse then your worse nightmare."
Blake doubted that. But soon enough, he realized how wrong he had been.

To be continued…