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Star Trek: Mirror Wars
Episode 104
"Approaching Dawn"
By James Earl

Author's Notes

Just a few things. I enjoy writing Star Trek Mirror Wars, and hope to write it for a long time. I hope to get lots of comments and
constructive criticism. Also, just so no one gets confused or upset or anything.

This is the first non-pilot episode of the series. You have already met two of the series regulars (Deker and Riker) and some
recurring characters (Klug, the Emperor, ect…). In this episode, I will introduce the rest of, or at least most of, the series
regulars that will appear in the series. I did not put that many series regulars into the pilot episodes because to tell the story
the way I wanted it to turn out required it.

A final point. In the end of episode 1, an admiral was talked about on the starbase that received the signal from the Enterprise.
The Admiral's name was William. Then, in Episode 2, we found out the Deker's first name was William also. They are not the
same person. I accidentally used the same name twice. Though you may have already figured this out, my family had to be told
this so just in case you don't get confused.

Well, that's it and I hope you like the episode and series. I have some good plans for the rest of the series but I would love and
accept comments from anyone. If you would like to send me comments, please email me at the contacts page.

Part 1 September 11, 2602 1020 hours

"Then what is their objective?" asked Riker.


Riker sat down. He looked around the bridge.

"How come we didn't detect them before? We have the ability to detect cloaks," said Deker.

"There is not enough data to come up with a conclusion," said the science officer. "I would suspect that the clocks are using a
HD4 modulation."

"Meaning?" asked Deker.

"Meaning, sir, that they are unable to fire while clocked due to the massive power the ships use to so carefully hide
themselves from our sensors."

"And that's why they had to uncloak before getting to Vulcan? The power drain was to big for the ships to be able to fire right
after decloaking?"

"Correct sir. But that may not be correct."

Riker stood up, breaking the dark cloud that had hung over his head throughout the conversation.

"Contact the fleet. Tell them to break off attack and head for Vulcan," said Riker.

"Belay that order helmsmen," said Deker.

"What? We have to go to Vulcan."

"If the fleet leaves now, the rest of the Mirror Universe's fleet can get though. We have to make our stand here. I am sure that
Starfleet will send more ships…"

"No. We have to go now. Helmsmen, head towards Vulcan now."

"Sir, I will have you sent to your quarters. You are my friend but you are not thinking about the entire picture. I would love to go
to Vulcan, but we need to hold this fleet back…"

Riker stood up and looked at Deker.

"Security Officer, please escort Admiral Deker off the bridge."

Deker was shocked. How could his friend do this? Deker understood the need to go to Vulcan, but it shouldn't have clouded
Riker's judgment this much… What was on Vulcan that Riker was so intent on protecting?

The Security Officer stood and started to walk towards Deker when Deker said, "Belay that order. I think that Admiral Riker's
judgment has been impaired. Please escort him to his quarters."

The Security Officer stood, frozen for a few seconds but then he turned to Riker.

"Please come with me sir."

Riker looked at Deker with anger in his eyes. Deker felt that those eyes burned into his soul. What had made his friend so angry
and have such horrible judgment as to want to send Deker away.

Riker and the Security Officer stepped onto the bridge transporter. In a few seconds, they were gone.
Deker sat down in the command chair. Deker was surprised that throughout the entire conversation, the enemy ships had
barely fired on them. Deker pressed his combadge.

"Deker to engineering, how long until we have the weapons back online."

"Any minute now. Sir, we found the Chief Engineer in the Jeffries tubes almost dead. Sir, they were shot."

Then Deker's assumption was confirmed. They had a traitor onboard.

"Make sure all engineers that are in the tubes have a phaser and if possible, one of the security teams with them."
"Aye sir. We will have the weapons back online soon."

Deker looked at the helmsmen.

"Back us away from the battle until our weapons are back online. We can't do anything until then."

"Aye sir."

"Put the battle onscreen."

As Deker watched the horror onscreen, he wondered about Riker. Why had Riker wanted to go to Vulcan so badly? His friend
was a smart man and knew better then to leave an enemy fleet open to attack anywhere they wanted. He and Riker were old
friends, and Riker was like a father to Deker.

Minutes that seemed like hours… no, days… passed. Deker watched as ships, ships that Deker had many friends on, risked
their lives to defend the Federation. Deker only hoped it was enough.

"Admiral, we have weapons online."

"Thank you. Helmsmen, bring us back into the battle."

"Aye sir."

"Tactical officer."

"Aye sir?"

"Fire at will."

Part 2 September 11, 2602 1030 hours

"Sir, this ship isn't ready. Besides, even if we were, we wouldn't make it to Vulcan for another two hours, even at warp fifteen.
According to sensors, the enemy fleet will be there in twenty-five minutes."

"I know James, but with most of Starfleet tied up with the other enemy fleet, we need to send any and every ship that can fire a
phaser and travel at warp ten," said Admiral Kilari.

"We still had another two weeks before we were supposed to go on our maiden voyage. The Majestic isn't ready. I don't even
have my entire senior staff. I only have a helmsmen, a science officer, the tactical officer, and my first officer."

"Look James, we need the Majestic. I know it is your first command, but we need you. Your to head to Vulcan at warp fifteen in
ten minutes. Prepare your ship. Kilari out."

As the holoimage of Kilari disappeared, Captain James Obeska shook his head. He tapped his desk communicator.

"Ensign Henry."

"Henry here. What is it Captain?"

James and Henry were old friends. They grew up together, but when James decided to go to Starfleet Academy, Henry went to
a collage. Even though Henry always loved collage, he soon learned to love piloting. So, after he finished collage, he applied to
Starfleet Academy, and here he was, the new helmsmen of the Majestic.

"Prepare the Majestic for departure. Set a course for Vulcan, Warp fifteen.

"Aye Captain. Henry out."

A few minutes later, they were at warp. Obeska decided to look over the design schematics of the Majestic one last time
before his first time bringing her out on her first mission… and her first battle. He just hoped that this was only her first
mission, not his lat. He turned on his holoimaging screen. A model of the Majestic hovered in front of him.

The Majestic was a Templar-Class ship. Twelve torpedo cannons, six phaser banks, and three warp nacelles. It had a maximum
speed of warp fifteen and was the third ship to have the honor of being a Templar-Class. The first Templar-Class ship, the U.S.S.
Templar was destroyed at a battle with the Borg. The second was the U.S.S. Enterprise-O. James had heard of the recent
destruction of the Enterprise and was upset by the news. He had a few friends on the ship. He hadn't contacted them in awhile,
and now he regretted it with all of his heart.

A noise got James out of his thoughts.

"May I come in?"

James knew who it was.

"Come in."

The door of the captain's ready room opened.

"Good morning James."

"Good morning Sarah."

Sarah Perlark was James's wife and the first officer of the Majestic. They had been married for seven years, and she still
looked beautiful.

"Where are we going now James?"

"Its not good. You know of course of the Mirror Universe attack?"

"Yes… Has the fleet been defeated."

"No, they are still facing a mirror universe fleet, but… it turns out there was another fleet, cloaked. It decloaked only a half-hour

"And where is it going."

"To Vulcan. We have been sent with about 20 other ships to Vulcan. We won't arrive in time to face the ships, but the other
ships will."

"Did you explain that we aren't ready for battle?"

"I tried. They still need us."

Part 3 September 11th, 2602 1045 hours

James and Sarah walked onto the bridge. James sat down in his captain's chair. It wasn't the first time he sat in this chair, but it
felt different now. Before, he was a captain of a docked ship, with nothing to do. But now, there was a mix of excitement and
dread in the air.

"How much longer till we get to Vulcan, Henry?"

"An hour and a half."

James leaned over to Sarah.

"I better make an announcement to the crew."

James pressed the intercom button that let him talk to the enter crew. Strange that such a small button could make or break a
crew's moral.

"This is the captain speaking. As you may know, we are heading to Vulcan. You are most likely aware of the Mirror Universe
attack on our universe. Well, it turns out that Vulcan was there main target. We have been sent to Vulcan to protect it at all costs.
I have only been your captain, but I hope you will give me the loyalty and cooperation that I know all of you have shown. We are
Starfleet's best and brightest, now lets show it to the Mirror Universe."

He let go of the button. Again, he felt that strange feeling of dread. But this time, he was prepared for it.

Part 4 September 11th, 2602 1055 hours

Vulcan floated in space. A tiny speck in the infinite sea of the universe. But above that tiny speck, twenty ships waited. They
waited for what could be their deaths. They all knew it, and they accepted it. All of them now waited for an answer. They didn't
have to wait long.

Blue lights came out of now where, as if space itself opened up. And out of the blue light, which some called warp travel, came
the doom.

Part 5 September 11th, 2602 1100 hours

The battle wasn't going well, Deker knew. Both sides of the battle had lost many ships, but the Mirror Universe was pushing
through. He knew that if the enemy forces broke through to Vulcan, all was lost.
"Shields are at 20 percent admiral."

"How is the fleet doing?"

"A third of the fleet has been destroyed, the same with the enemy…"

Just then the entire ship shook. Deker's helmsmen flew into the sky, and landing with a crunch. Deker could tell just by the
sound that he was dead. Deker went over the helm.

"Prepare to ram into the lead ship," said Deker.

Part 6 September 11th, 2602 1200 hours

The Emperor watched the terrible destruction above Vulcan from the main view screen.

"So wonderful. Watch those fools fight for their lives. They don't stand a chance."

If his forces won Vulcan, the war would be over before it even began. Orion, Earth, Andoria, Romulus, and Remus… soon they
would all fall under the power of his grip. He would control not only one universe, but also an empire that was so huge, only two
universes could hold it.

And he could do whatever he wanted. He would not only leave a legacy, but a remaining fear for all eternity.
Soon, so soon, he knew it would all come to pass, and he would be right in the forefront.

Part 7 September 11th, 2602 1215 hours

"Coming up on Vulcan sir," said Henry.

"Drop us out of warp, raise shields, and arm phasers and torpedo bays."

What James was about to see was horror to his eyes. Starfleet ships being destroyed left and right.

"Red Alert, battle stations."

As the ship's klaxons wailed, and the Majestic took its first hits, James said one last thing to his bridge crew before going into

"Time to start making a difference."