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Star Trek: Mirror Wars
Episode 103
"The Mirror Shattered Part 3"
By: James Earl

Part 1 September 11, 2602 0900 hours

"Sir, we are arriving at the coordinates," said the helmsmen.

"Signal the fleet to drop out of warp as soon as we reach them," said Deker.

"Message sent," said the lieutenant at the con.

Deker was surprised how well this ship and its crew worked. Yes, he had served on many ships, but this one worked like a
well-oiled machine. Even the ship was in pristine order. Not one spec of dust out of place.

Though he admired the ship, he knew where it was headed. And he knew that it might not come out again. Unfortunately, ships
still need a crew to use them. Many things could be done without the help of people controlling them, but controlling a starship
was not one of them. Yes, they could go out on scientific missions by themselves, but they lacked… inspiration, and lacked the
ability to change their tactics to suit the situation fast enough. Living beings were the only thing capable of doing that.

"Dropping out of warp now sir," said the helmsmen.

Deker felt the slight lurch as the ship left warp. Even after a century of being able to go past warp 11, they still couldn't figure out
how to stop the stress on a ship when it entered a warp velocity higher then 12. Finding a way to travel faster then warp 11
without killing all the people on the ship was a feat in itself. Federation scientists are still working on how to stop the stress on
the hull, but so far, no luck.

Still, Deker counted himself lucky because if warp 17 could be sustained for more then 12 hours, then the Mirror Universe ships
wouldn't stop in this star system and arrive at Earth in less then 10 hours. They were, after all, near the edge of the Milky Way
Galaxy. In fact, only an hour away at warp 11, the galactic barrier hangs in space.
A warning bell shook Deker from his thoughts. He turned to Riker.

"What is it sir."

"A ship has just exited warp a little way ahead of us… and what is more surprising is that… its us. Or, at least, our ship."

"Your telling me that the lead ship of their fleet is the same lead ship of our fleet?"

"That is correct," said the science officer, standing a few feet way. "It is almost exactly the same as our ship, except a for few
changes in their warp drive and other minor systems," said the Denobulan.

"Sir, we are receiving a message."

"Put it on," said Admiral Riker.

"Aye sir."

Static noise sound throughout the bridge, then, through the static, a voice came.

"Federation ship. Surrender now and move 100,000 kilometers away from this place, and you will not be harmed. Yet. We have
strength equal, if not stronger then yours. I repeat, Federation ship. Surrender now…"

"It's a repeating message sir."

"Turn it off," said Riker. "Prepare the ship for battle."

Part 2 September 11, 2602 0830 hours

The Emperor stared out the window of his room on the Enterprise-O. He watched as the stars that were so far away, that they
were, to him, only little tiny dots. But, if he was right next to them, he would be but a tiny microscopic piece of dust compared to
the stars. Not to mention that he would be burnt to a smoldering crisp.

He had been sitting in his room waiting for the acknowledgement that the Secondary Fleet had engaged the enemy. The
Secondary Fleet's purpose was to be a distraction for the real fleet. While the Federation fought the Secondary Fleet, a stronger,
bigger fleet, that was cloaked, would attack their real objective. The cloak of the real fleet was so powerful that not even the
strongest sensor in the Federation could detect it.

Unfortunately, this cloacking technology didn't come without a price. For one, they could not fire while cloaked. Also, they had to
wait for a few minutes after decloacking to be able to fire. The sustaining of the clock required a lot of power from the ship. In
fact, it was using so much power, parts of the ships were empty due to no life support. But these were useless areas such as
the crew lounge and the holodecks, which were not needed at this time.

Still, because of these drawbacks, they had to decloak a half an hour before reaching the objective. Undoubtedly, they would
detect the fleet once they decloaked but it would be too late. With the better part of the fleet being taken care of by the
Secondary Fleet, only a handful of ships would be able to come to the aid of their own.
Just then, the Emperor's combadge beeped.

"What is it?"

"The Secondary Fleet has made contact with the enemy, your eminence," said Captain Riker.

"Good. Now, before the battle starts, slip by the fleet."

"It will be done. Riker out."

The Emperor laughed as he continued to look out the window.

Part 3 September 11, 2602 0930 hours

"They are firing torpedoes," said the Tactical Officer.

"Fire torpedoes, full spread, at the lead ship," said Admiral Riker.

On the view screen, five torpedoes headed towards the lead ship. The ship moved quickly out of the way, but the torpedoes, on
a guidance system, turned around and hit the ship in one of its 4 warp nacelles.

"Direct hit. Their top warp engines have been disabled. Then can only travel at warp 5 or higher."

Just then, sparks flew from the tactical consol and hit the officer stationed there. He flew backwards and hit his head on a
consol. Green blood, for he was a Vulcan, streamed down his face. His nose and jaw looked broken.

"Bridge to sickbay. Medical Emergency on the Bridge. He is in critical condition," said Deker.

Chief Medical Officer Yucar responded. "On my way," she said.

"Deker, take tactical," said Riker.

"Aye sir."
Deker walked over to the tactical console just as Yucar transported onto the bridge.

"He will be fine. I have wounded from all over the ship. Most of them I can fix in a few seconds and send them on their merry
way. Some though, are going to need major surgery."

"Just do your best," said Deker.

She hit her combadge.

"Yucar to sickbay. Two to beam directly to Sickbay." Before she left, she turned to Deker. "Good luck," and then she was gone.
Deker looked over the damaged console.

"I can fix it but I need a few seconds."

"Hurry up," said Riker.

"One second… One second… Done."

"Fire another spread of torpedoes at the lead ship."

"Aye sir. Firing now."

He pushed the button that sent ten torpedoes hurtling on their way to destroy a ship. Toward the enemy that so looked like

Part 4 September 11, 2602 1000 hours

The Agent looked around to see if anyone was looking. Then, when he knew that no one was in the hallway, he ran towards the
Jeffries Tube entrance. He pressed the correct button sequence, and stood back as the hatch opened. Then, without making
any noise of any kind, he jumped into the tube. He checked to make sure the item was still in his pocket, and crawled though the

The ship shook as another barrage of Specter fire came. Specter fire was the equal of this universes phaser fire, but with a
better name. He laughed. Once he finished this job, he would finally be back on his ship. This universe had such a knack for
badly naming weapons. Objects of such power should be honored. But now was not the time to think of such things.
Then, he stopped. Up ahead, he heard a noise.

"The damaged system should be nearby. Come on."

He knew that voice. It was the Chief Engineer… Vag was his name the Agent believed. He took out his phaser and turned the

"Ah. Hello there. What are you doing here?


"Why do you have a phaser?"

"Just to do this!" The Agent fired and shot the chief and the other engineer behind him.

"Now, don't get in my way again."

He continued on his way and looked for the correct panel. He shut off the force field around the panel by pressing the buttons
next to the panel. Then, he placed the item that was in his pocket on the panel.

As quickly as he could, he got out of the tubes. Then, he took a button out of his pocket and pressed it. With that, he destroyed
the weapons system of the ship.

Part 5 September 11, 2602 1015 hours

"Deker, fire another volley at the attacking the U.S.S. Indigo."

"Firing now sir."

Deker pressed the button but at the exact moment, the entire ship shook from an explosion. Everyone, except Riker fell to the
floor. Deker stood up and checked his console.

"Tactical is not responding."

"How did they hit us that badly?"

"That was not a attack by another ship. We had an internal explosion."


Deker didn't like to think about what had really happened but there was only one explanation.

"Sabotage, would be my guess sir."

"How did they get an agent onboard? They can't transport though shields."

"I don't know."

"Sir, were are getting a Priority One message from Starfleet," said the con officer.

"What does it say?"

"Another fleet has… decloaked past our fleet. It's at high warp."

"Towards Earth?"


"Then what is their objective," asked Riker.


To be continued…